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In the last month or so I’ve seen a few posts regarding peoples head shots for floral industry shows and classes and have even seen a post about a person maybe finding advise that she may not get floral jobs since she was wearing blue jeans in her head shot. This week will be short and sweet as more of a personal opinion; this is something that has been sitting at the back of my mind.


As I know the person’s personality and amazing skills that wore blue jeans in her head shots, I see nothing wrong with her choice. A head shot to me should always show me a little bit of the person’s personality and get me interested to attended their class or program. The person in question is none other than Patience Pickner AIFD, PFCI and she has an exuberant personality and is known for that, so I could never see her putting on a suit or all black for a photo that should sell me her as a product or get me excited for her presentations. When I had first seen her question the persons advise about her head shot in a facebook post, I found it interesting how very quickly floral industry leaders and designers jumped at her for liking or disliking her picture. When I had seen the picture that had sent the facebook post a flitter I was surprised because the photo that was in front of my face was exactly how I would expect Patience to be in a head shot. She had florals, which you don’t find in many floral professional head shots, a nice necklace and a beaming smile that was inviting and happy. Knowing that in the future I will hire Patience due to her kindness and professionalism when it comes to floral presentations and teaching, I find it silly that a person would even think to not hire her due to some blue jeans when she is one of the most up and coming floral presenters and educators paving the way for the future of floral design. Most of the response to Patience’s head shot were supportive in her being a individual and I say thank you to them and the many others that shared how they have been treated due to weight, and even piercings. An interesting thought that was written questioned how Patience wanted to be perceived and I feel that when I see Patience on stage she is always dressed in something lovely in a dress or black pants but in the picture I see someone that is welcoming and interesting, that I would like to attend their show and I would have a great time at it. We are a creative industry that I personally feel needs to show our personality when every we can. We are not lawyers or bankers, we are floral designers that are in a CREATIVE industry and should be selling ourselves as such.


Many opponents to this thinking say that head shots need to be professional and to take a headshot in a solid colored outfit and also many feel that you should be in a business casual attire. As this is considered professional I may just have a young persons view but we are professional floral designers and to me we are artists. Now I’m not saying to pull out your very best Nascar T-Shirt or cut off jeans but I would rather see a designers personal style and expression than a cookie cutter of what a none related industry considers professional or a proper head shot.


When someone is uncomfortable it will show in a picture and as someone that is utterly uncomfortable wearing pants I opted for flat front, kakhi shorts knowing I wanted to have a photo that was me. In most head shots you will not see whats below the collar but many people put a lot of stock in a full outfit and sometimes the cost. I don’t know how to dress myself for crud but in my photo I was comfortable had a interesting floral piece and I actually enjoyed myself. The major issues people had with my picture was my shorts and my floral collar and it all goes back to not being professional enough. I was told that the succulent piece was not appropriate enough for a head shot and shorts are not professional at all. It is time to come to the cross roads of accepting that many have a different view of what a professional florist looks like and as the floral industry evolves it will only broaden that image even more.


Garrett Fairbanks CFD, CF


Garrett Fairbanks CFD, CF Head Shot for Canadian Floral Business Forum in January 2015


Here are some of our favorite designer head shots we like for their personality and individuality!


Annette von Einem – Floral.today Article


Joseph Massie – Floral.today Article


What do you think about professional head shots?

Is there a set way that should always be followed?

Are we an industry that should be showing more individuality and interest in our photos?

Tell floral.today what you think below or on social media. I think that we are missing flowers and personality that a smile just doesn’t give us in a head shot and really look forward to what you think a head shot should be.

Join us for some of our floral industry favorites this coming #FloralFriday,


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