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2018 International Designer of the Year Entries

Compared to many international floral design competitions, the Fusion Flowers International Designer of the Year competition is one of a very few that actually is open and welcoming to any and all designers confident enough to enter. This is one of the greatest reason’s that this competition finds and polarizes some of the greatest floral designers of our time, all from their own, self entered design skill merit. 

Some of the most dreaded words for any competitor when receiving their results are “Unfortunately, the judges felt that this year your designs did not merit an award.” and those would be the exact results for our four submissions into the 2018 Fusion Flowers International Designer of the Year.

I allowed myself one half day of eating candy, moping around and feeling less than great but there is always the next competition, the next presentation and always the next design. With co-sponsoring and co-presenting a Great Lakes Floral and Event main-stage show and preparing for this years lineup of competitions and floral adventures, how can you let yourself get down with soo much opportunity and promise for 2019.

Looking back at 2018 with so many amazing results not only across close to twenty floral design competitions but also traveling and seeing even more of the floral industry across the world, it’s been a remarkable year. As I try my very best to catch you all up on the last year and a half of floral adventures in upcoming blogs and videos, here are our submissions for you to enjoy from the 2018 Fusion Flowers International Designer of the Year competition with categories, personal titles, and all the shabam! 


Category #1: ‘Inspired By’

Personal Title: ‘Inspired by Fire’
Photography By: Justin Lehman Photography


Category #2: ‘Nature’

Personal Title: ‘Hand Grown Mini Forest’
Photography By: Justin Lehman Photography


Category #3: ‘Architectural’

Personal Title: ‘Grass Vibrations’ 
Photography By: Justin Lehman Photography
Model: Joss Barton


Category #4: ‘Sympathy’

Personal Title: ‘Woven Peace’ 
Photography By: Justin Lehman Photography


So there we have it folks, our entries for the 2018 Fusion Flowers International Designer of the Year. This was one of the first times I submitted four entries fully realized into the competition and look forward to the 2019 Fusion Flowers International Designer of the Year

Huge thanks to Justin Lehman Photography for capturing these awesome shots along with Joss Barton for being a true ethereal goddess. 


You can find next at the Great Lakes Floral and Event Expo on the main stage Saturday, March 2, 2019 along side Matthew Blind and Equiflor Rio Rose for ‘The Evolution of Style’! 



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Arteflorando, We Took A Trip To Italy!

We were invited to compete at Arteflorando SAFIA E20 representing Team USA and it was an amazing floral learning opportunity! This year had twelve teams coming with tons of talent and skill from across Europe and the USA to Leverano, Italy. 

The experience of competition in a European design competition has provided me with a new perspective to competition to go along with my relaxed approach to competitions and it has helped me take yet another step to becoming a better designer. Also making new face to face connections and friendships outside the American bubble was welcoming and refreshing. 

I hope you enjoy this slight glimpse into what was an amazing trip. 


Day #1 – Traveling 

Our first day was mostly filled with traveling to Brindisi, Italy where we spent the night before heading to the competition. Brindisi had the perfect relaxed vibe with gorgeous views around every corner. Unfortunately my luggage was lost but I was able to find cuter and better backup clothes and my bad appeared right as I got back to the airport the next morning.

Our time in Brindisi was filled with reading by the water or town center area, eating our way around the city and some light shopping. The next morning we popped back to the airport to meet up with other competitors and jury members to shuttle to Leverano for the competition. 


Day #2.5 – Competition Day Tasks 1 &2

We did have a day where we went from Brindisi to the competition in Leverano and stated prepping for the next day but I got busy and didn’t really get pictures of the day. Day 2.5 started off with the first task which was a interpretive design to “Italy, a country with numerous traditions” which opened up many possibilities of design ideas.

While one team interpreted lace and another pottery, we went with interpreting Il Malocchio, the Evil Eye and the horn charm to ward it off specifically. We also included woven hala birds to include the traditions of woven leaves in the church. I must admit I stumbled through this task and went into task two read and bettered prepared. 

Task two was a whole other design just titled to “Surprise Task” and oh my goodness it was such a fun surprise. Each team was given a three wheel vehicle I believe was called a “Piaggio Ape” with the task to create a design on the vehicle. Our product for this task was provided but we had to be smart with it because the provided product had to be used across task two and three.

We were allowed at this point to go foraging around for other grasses and product but I didn’t have a car and didn’t want to bother anyone so Marco (My awesome assistant) and myself worked with what we had. Our design ended up with a mohawk from the front to the end with a mix of skewered vegetables, wood pieces we broke from the vegetable boxes, and a mixture of warm colors. This design being a surprise task was 100% my preferred kind of competition design and it showed with our design taking 2nd for the task right behind the beautiful design created by Team Denmark. 



Day #3 – Task 3, Adventure and Awards

Team USA went into day three ready to go, we hit a comfortable stride after task 2 and the flowers we left for task three had us heading in with all white and green flowers. Task three was another surprise package but with the title “Surprise – Tremendous bouquet” everyone was already pretty prepared for the task. The only prompts we were given was it had to be free standing along with being tremendous.  

Though we had a slight language barrier Team Italy, Francesco and Antonella tossed me in their car for a chance to forage for some more product which I was very thankful to them for. Francesco helped me find a moderate variety of grasses and vines to enhance the oversize size, depth and texture of the overall design. I learned a valuable lesson in using a purely white and green color harmony as our score took a hit for lack of color and we also lacked on more advanced techniques. 

With a few hours to relax while judging was being finished and the awards ceremony was being prepared, it was time to see more Italy. Lene and Louis of Team Denmark kindly took me along with them for a wonderful lunch and then some beach time. We were able to put our feet in the water, enjoy the sun and relax before the awards ceremony. Once we got back there was time for a show and then heading to the awards ceremony.

Lene and Louis ended up taking first place with Francesco and Antonella taking third place. Their work was clean, had amazing technical work and we overall well executed. It was also nice to see other Floral Fundamental Ambassadors with two of us competing and three other’s judging. 



Thank you Ivan for including me and to all the awesome people I had the pleasure of meeting. Getting the experience of European competition was very eye opening to the way American’s hold floral competitions and compete. I hope to be invited back next year now that I’ve gotten to experience Arteflorando.


Make sure to check out the Arteflorando social media and website, and

maybe enquire about competing in 2019 while you’re there!




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Floral Adventures – CAFA 2018 Fall Show

Welcome back!

While it’s been a while since a new article or content has been posted, we have returned after a break and oh what a break it has been!


We returned to Toronto, Canada for the 2018 Canadian Academy of Floral Art Fall Show and per usual it was awesome! So lets all grab a tasty beverage, a yummy snack and take a quick day by day jaunt into our floral adventure to CAFA.



From St. Louis to Chicago and ending in Toronto, our first day was mostly traveling and preparing our competition piece. Our first task was getting to our friend Joseph Delarge’s store Wilbe Bloomin where we were kindly given a spot to work on our competition design and relax. 



This year’s featured florist was David Ragg from Bournemouth, UK and the show was themed ‘Inspiration through Innovation’. David captivated with his focus of creating elevated work that was still sellable but professional floral designer focused. After a day of creating collars and show decor we headed out to finish up my competition, get some floral body-wear ready for the show and eat some yummy Vietnamese food.


DAY 3: Competition // Design Show 

The day finally arrived, competition and design show day, we started the day with a walk around the Toronto Botanical Gardens after dropping our competition piece off. Along with a demonstration show broken into two parts with a cocktail between there is also competition awards, CAFA Induction and other honors that are given out. David took us through many styles, techniques and products with a focus that inspired and innovated how you can elevate design as a educated professional. It was awesome to take away new techniques and to also see the new Oasis Floral Products ‘Midnight Foam’ in multiple applications involving floral and plant products. 



Weaving, binding, depth and a whole lot of energy was just small focus of a day of floral education with CAFA and David. It was refreshing to see board members able to also attend the class along side attendees as a lot of time they are already busy, burnt out and sadly sometimes think themselves above continued education. David had us thinking about the energy of our designs and how it impacts the overall. David and myself were treated to a trip to Joseph’s other location Eco|Stems and a beautiful walk through Toronto followed by a lovely dinner.



It was finally time to roll back to St. Louis and get organized for my next projects. CAFA always takes such good care of myself and the other attendants every year. I loaded myself into a Lyft bright and early and made my way to the airport filled with good memories, a hand made gift from my dear friend Abigail Hitchens of Petals in Thyme and lighter bags than when i arrived. 


To follow me around even more make sure to check out the vlog of our floral adventure through each day. 


Thanks for joining me for yet again another wonderful floral adventure and to the Canadian Academy of Floral Art for always being so great to me. Watch out for our Backlogged collection coming out soon from all our adventures around the world this past year. 


Till next time,


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Bronze For Floral.Today

The 2017 Fusion Flowers magazine International Designer of the Year competition is over and Floral.Today has taken another bronze this year!

We are so excited to share with you our design entries for this years competition.

Make sure to share with us which is your favorite!


Category: Transparent

Award: Bronze

Photographer: keithleeSTUDIOS

Location: lockerdome












Category: Season

Photographer:  keithleeSTUDIOS

Location: lockerdome

Category: Energy

Photographer:  keithleeSTUDIOS

Location: lockerdome





Category: Foliage Focus

Photographer:  keithleeSTUDIOS

Location: lockerdome

Thank you to Keith Lee of keithleeSTUDIOS and his amazing second shooter Ray Prop for the awesome shots and all their patients! Big thanks also to Alison Bradley for hosting such a fun design competition and the wonderful judges,  Kubo Kazumasa (Japan), Pirjo Koppi (Finland) and Frédéric Dupré (France) for their time and talents.

It takes a lot of confidence and anxiety to enter your work for review so make sure to check out and congratulate all the other talented designers from around the world that placed!

New blog coming soon!



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Dutch Lily Days Here We Come! has been asked to be part of the press trip covering Dutch Lily Days, happening June 6-9, 2017!

We couldn’t be more excited to make our way through the beautiful Netherlands, seeing what some of the top dutch lily breeders and exporters have been working on to expand the beautiful lily sector of our industry.

All the information about Dutch Lily Days can be found at their website along with the 13 lily companies participating or you can click on the brochure below for more info.

Dutch Lily Days Brochure

The promoters of Dutch Lily Days will be taking us on a 3 day floral adventure to see 13 major lily breeders and exporters. The group of press will get to experience all the new varieties that the companies have to offer, while also being educated on the growth and continual expansion of lily development in the Netherlands.

Keep an eye on all the social media as June rolls along to experience our adventure with all the new varieties and innovations that the Netherland lily market is creating for you!

Thank you for inviting along, we can’t wait to share all the lily fun with our followers.

Till next time,

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Floral Designers That Flourished Throughout 2016

Captivating, Inspiring, Trendsetting.

These are just a few words that can be used to describe some of our favorite floral designers of 2016.

We at love being completely engrossed in a good floral educational moment or the perfect floral design and these designers hit those marks for us.

These designers are just a few of a very long list of designers we appreciate but what set them apart is that they took 2016 with an iron fist and ran with it.

Přemysl Hytych
Měnín, Czech Republich


Floral Fundamentals

Social Media:

Like a whisper on the wind or a pin drop, Přemysl is one of those incredible designer that quietly shapes the view of the industry without you even knowing he’s there. had the pleasure of meeting this fascinating and very quiet designer at the Fusion Flowers Summer School in 2016 and with many thanks to Alison Bradley, Přemysl is one of our favorite designers to watch. From his teachings, has completely rethought our branding (Coming Soon) and how materials can be used across any style of design.

Přemysl has a technical skill and vision of flowers that can be found stretched across his refined fashion pieces and beautiful home interiors. You will see a lot more from this international award winning designer in 2017 as he is not only going to be teaching classes around the world but also working on a potential book!


Tamás Mezőffy
Dunakeszi, Hungary


Floral Fundamentals

Social Media:

Tamás is one of those designers where you gasp at the sheer detail of his designs whenever you get the pleasure of seeing them. Along with many of the world’s best, this reigning Europa Cup Champion showcases a mastery of the most beautiful floral details.

No matter the material, color or style, Tamás seems to explore the extent of what can be done with design. is excited and intrigued what the wonderful designer is going to bring to the industry in the near future.

Harijanto Setiawan


Floral Fundamentals

Social Media:

Book Purchase:
**A Mystical Floral Journey**

Harijanto has been snatching up international design awards since 2012, and in 2016 he hit a stride with even more awards and the release of his mesmerizing book ‘A Mystical Floral Journey‘.  Not only is Harijanto last year’s Fusion Flowers International Designer of The Year but his work has won him accolades from some of the floral world’s most prestigious stages such as the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and Singapore Garden Festival.

As a trained architect, you can see in Harijanto’s work a flair for wondrous construction and technique. His platinum winning design, ‘The Natural World’, took floral design to the limits and beyond by showcasing his expert grasp of floral design through perfect design and photography genius.

You can find this amazing designer at the Fusion Flowers Summer School in 2017, be aware that spots are limited!

Alex Choi
Seoul, South Korea


Floral Fundamentals

Social Media:

This Fleurop-Interflora World Cup reigning champion is the pure image of calm and collected in every video or image has ever seen of him. Alex brings a commanding level of calm control throughout his designs as you would expect from a world champion.

Even as the world champion Alex brings a level of humbleness in all his does, he can be found teaching at Floriat in Seoul, South Korea and presenting on stages around the world.


These two ladies have been taking a particular part of the floral industry by storm, and that would be social marketing and industry exposure. If you haven’t seen them across your social media yet, you must live under a rock.

Though they are known individually for a being great designers, that’s not what intrigued us in 2016. Holly and Sarah have mastered the one thing that the floral industry as a whole has struggled with, Marketing. These wonderful ladies may have different approaches to their social media and marketing but their success is a bright beacon that shines through to and the many reaches of the floral industry.

Holly Heider Chapple
Virginia, USA


Chapel Designers

Social Media:

From Chaple Designers spreading beautiful designs across social media to her very own Hope Flower Farm, Holly Heider Chapple’s influence can be found across many levels of social media with a touch of warmth and personal perspective.

Holly Heider Chapple has succeeded where many in the floral industry don’t even know where to start with social media and marketing. With a focus on floral education, many respected industry faces can be found smiling on her social media along with the excited faces of students during classes. You are taken along for the ride for events, education and floral adventures  around the world as they happen.

With an international reach Holly has been able to bring her prospective and love for floral design a exposure that reaches a world wide audience. You can get your own slice of floral education at one of the many events Holly hosts at the Hope Flower Farm or presents around the world, just check out her website above to find the right educational fit for you.

Also get ready for the Chapel Designers NYC 2017 and Chapel Designers London 2017!

Sarah Campbell
Maryland, USA 


Intrigue Experience

Social Media:

Sarah has taken the industry and social media with the popularization of the “Decadent Radial Mass Style” along with her devoted followers and students she has been able to make great strides with ‘The Intrigue Experience’ also.  From the opulent events and array of educators from The Intrigue Experience, you’d be hard pressed to not have Sarah cross your floral path at some point.

Sarah has brought a visibility to florists and consumers alike with her beautiful events and welcoming video’s showcasing some of her tips and tricks. Any given time you can find event inspiration or design tips posted on Sarah’s social media. She also has very present marketing to The Intrigue Experience that many industry events fall short of matching when it comes to advertising and getting the attention of educational events.

The Intrigue Experience has many educational events to offer in 2017 so get your spots booked now!

What floral designers were 2016 standouts in your opinion?

Who are you hoping to see more of in 2017?

Happy New Year!

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A Floral Farewell to 2016!

As we end another year here at we ask ourselves, 2016 how did you escape us so quickly? will reflect over the month some of our floral high’s and lows of 2016, we welcome you to share how your year went and what you hope for in 2017.

This post will be short as we share just a quick taste of what’s coming in December!


Inspiring Floral Designs of 2016

– Our top floral design picks from 2016 strongly taking us into 2017! –


Designers That Flourished Throughout 2016

– They took our breath away with their design skill, confidence, and overall greatness leaving a mark in 2016! –


Make sure to share with everything about your floral 2016 as we work through the holiday season!

Till December,


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Joseph Massie’s ‘Rosa’ Takes Our Breath Away!

As we all know when Joseph Massie is given a major project the world holds its breath. We here at are more than excited to bring you some of the greatness he brought to us and Her Majesty the Queen to celebrate her 90th birthday.

Thank you to Joseph and the Royal Horticulture Society for sharing with and our followers.


Queen’s 90th birthday floral celebration by award-winning artist unveiled at RHS Chelsea Flower Show

Joseph Massie, five-time RHS Gold Medal Winner, unveiled his spectacular floral installation at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016 today, created to celebrate the 90th birthday of, RHS Patron, HM the Queen.


Botanical artist, Massie, 27, from Liverpool, created a design that sees a swathe of 5,000 fresh-cut Avalanche roses from Meijer Roses and 1,000 preserved rose petals suspended in the air to create a romantic, sensory tunnel.

Massie’s floral tunnel, entitled Rosa, is 20 metres long by 10 metres wide and suspended four metres above the ground.

The project marks Massie’s first return to the Chelsea Flower Show since he achieved five successive RHS Gold Medals and four Best in Show Awards between 2009-2013. Joseph was the youngest person ever to achieve this feat.


Joseph Massie, botanical artist and designer of the Rosa installation, said: “I am thrilled to be back at Chelsea – and on a much a larger scale this time around.

“It is a huge honor to be commissioned by the Royal Horticultural Society to create an installation to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen’s 90th birthday.

He added: “I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bit nervous to know what Her Majesty’s verdict will be when she sees my installation for the first time!”


To create Rosa, Massie has used the finest preserved rose petals that appear rise up from the ground to a floral ceiling, strung on invisible threads. One side of the exhibit features petals in warm, summery pink tones, contrasting with softer apricot tones opposite – in keeping with this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show logo colours.

In matching tones, fresh-cut roses intertwine with the preserved petals as they rise, forming two fuller columns, which thicken and pool out as the florals reach the ceiling. Chunkier rose heads spill out overhead and the contrasting colours meet in the centre, making for a truly spectacular floral display.


Massie, continued: “With my design, I wanted to create a sensory and immersive experience by presenting fresh rose blooms in a truly romantic and captivating way.

“I am so delighted with the final result and I really hope that the Queen, and all of this year’s visitors to Chelsea, will enjoy my exhibit.”


Five thousand flower blooms and five different types of rose varieties from Meijer Roses were used to create Massie’s exhibit, including Sweet Avalanche, Pearl Avalanche and White Avalanche, as well as more than 1,000 preserved rose petals. The roses and preserved rose petals will dry naturally over the course of the week and will be recycled into new artworks after the Show has finished.

Massie recruited 25 volunteers to assist with the installation over four days in the lead up to the Show. Volunteers were selected from Massie’s flower school, the UK School of Floristry, and from other leading colleges around the UK, as well as students from Australia, France and Sweden.


Massie added: “I would also like to say a special thanks to the incredible team of volunteers have given their time and energy to this project. Each volunteer must have scaled our scaffolding towers at least 5000 times, and always with a smile! We simply could not have completed the project without them.”


Joseph Massie collaborated with Meijer Roses and Avalanche Roses to create the Rosa installation at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016.

The Rosa exhibit is situated beneath the Rock Bank restaurant, which connects Main Avenue and Ranalegh Way.


For more information about Joseph Massie, visit

The RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2016, sponsored by M&G Investments, takes place from 24-28 May 2016 in the grounds of the Royal Hospital Chelsea. The theme of this year’s Show champions the health and wellbeing benefits of greening-up our grey spaces. For more information, visit

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A Great Lakes Floral Expo Adventure

This year was a whirlwind of working, winning and fun at the Great Lakes Floral Expo presented by the Michigan Floral Association.

One of the great parts of being a committee chair is the involvement and all the behind the scenes access, so we made sure to get you a little taste of what we got to see and do this year as the Designer Liaison Chairperson and Tablescape Contest Chairperson.


Along with the video, here are some great photos we snapped throughout the weekend.

SHots From The COnference!
2016 Great Lakes Floral Expo - Mayesh Wholesale Booth

2016 Great Lakes Floral Expo – Mayesh Wholesale Booth

2016 Great Lakes Floral Expo - Floral Chopped Contest

2016 Great Lakes Floral Expo – Floral Chopped Contest

2016 Great Lakes Floral Expo - Floral Chopped Contest

2016 Great Lakes Floral Expo – Floral Chopped Contest

2016 Great Lakes Floral Expo - Marisa Lowing-Rakowski CF getting decor prepped.

2016 Great Lakes Floral Expo – Marisa Lowing-Rakowski CF getting decor prepped.

2016 Great Lakes Floral Expo - Neville MacKay CAFA, PFCI, WFC teaching young designers.

2016 Great Lakes Floral Expo – Neville MacKay CAFA, PFCI, WFC teaching young designers.











Surprise package portion of the professional design category!
First Design: A reception desk piece, and all the designers had to Emphasize line.
Second design: A bridal bouquet for a 2nd or more wedding.
2016 Great Lakes Floral Expo - Professional Division Surprise Package Contestant

2016 Great Lakes Floral Expo – Professional Division Surprise Package Contestant

2016 Great Lakes Floral Expo - Professional Division Surprise Package Contestant

2016 Great Lakes Floral Expo – Professional Division Surprise Package Contestant

2016 Great Lakes Floral Expo - G having fun during the Professional Division Surprise Package

2016 Great Lakes Floral Expo – G having fun during the Professional Division Surprise Package

2016 Great Lakes Floral Expo - Professional Division Surprise Package Contestant Angela Christie CF

2016 Great Lakes Floral Expo – Professional Division Surprise Package Contestant Angela Christie CF

2016 Great Lakes Floral Expo - Lisa VanderMeer and Marisa Lowing-Rakowski CF cheering on the contestants as they compete.

2016 Great Lakes Floral Expo – Lisa VanderMeer and Marisa Lowing-Rakowski CF cheering on the contestants as they compete.

2016 Great Lakes Floral Expo - Professional Division Surprise Package Contestant Victor West CF

2016 Great Lakes Floral Expo – Professional Division Surprise Package Contestant Victor West CF

2016 Great Lakes Floral Expo - Professional Division Surprise Package Contestant

2016 Great Lakes Floral Expo – Professional Division Surprise Package Contestant

2016 Great Lakes Floral Expo - Professional Division Surprise Package Contestant Kaitlyn Harlow

2016 Great Lakes Floral Expo – Professional Division Surprise Package Contestant Kaitlyn Harlow

2016 Great Lakes Floral Expo - Professional Division Surprise Package Contestants

2016 Great Lakes Floral Expo – Professional Division Surprise Package Contestants




Some of my pieces from this years contest!

(Didn’t get pictures of my surprise package pieces but both placed! :D)

Certified Florist Division: 1st Place

Certified Florist Division: 1st Place

Professional Categorie Theme 1: Blooming Memories

Professional Category Theme 1: Blooming Memories

2016 GLFE Awards: 1 ~ 1st Place, 2 ~ 2nd Places

2016 GLFE Awards: 1 ~ 1st Place, 2 ~ 2nd Places


A huge thanks to this years sponsors, volunteers and conference chairs for another great year! It was great experiencing the top 5 and competing in the Designer of the Year Runoff, along with taking home some ribbons this year.

We look forward to all the excitement coming next year along with all Alice Waterous AIFD, 2017 Conference Chair, is starting to prepare for all of you to experience and enjoy at the 2017 Great Lakes Floral Expo!

Check out the links below to learn more about the Michigan Floral Association now!
Michigan Floral Association


Till next time,



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“Invention” // Nature’s Creative Edge Sept. 18-20, 2015 will be attending this year’s Nature’s Creative Edge with a heavy heart and happy spirit as we say goodbye to this one of a kind floral event. With over forty five designers showcasing at this years outdoor event, the American Institute of Floral Designers North Central Chapter is gearing up to go out with one of the biggest and most beautiful floral bangs our industry has ever seen.

Debra Strand AIFD, ICPF

Debra Strand AIFD, ICPF

This is the final year the American Institute of Floral Designers North Central Chapter and Bob Friese AIFD will be hosting the ever amazing and intriguing Nature’s Creative Edge.

This one of kind event that has captivated the world and our industry for the past 10 years found its start and roots in the form of a master floral design class taught and started by Hitomi Gilliam AIFD and Bob Friese AIFD, two paragon’s of floral design and education.

Alice Waterous AIFD

Alice Waterous AIFD

Since 2006 when the first class was held, Nature’s Creative Edge has shaped from a master design class to a renowned floral showcase being one of the only public floral design displays hosted naturally throughout the woods of northwest Michigan and 100% run by volunteering designers and helpers.

Stacey Carlton 2011

Stacey Carlton AIFD

Stacey Carlton AIFD

Stacey Carlton AIFD

This year’s Nature’s Creative Edge will take place September 18-20th, 2015, you can find directions, ticket prices and links below.

Nature's Creative Edge 2015


Set your GPS to Sternberg Rd/ Hilton Park Rd, Fruitport, MI 49415


Children 12 & Under  -  Free
Student & Seniors  -  $10.00
Adults  -  $15.00

Purchase Tickets Now

(Contact Alice Waterous AIFD for Handicap parking or questions at


As this is one of the AIFD North Central Chapters major fundraisers, the proceeds go towards educational scholarships and classes to further strengthen floral education in our industry.

Carolyn Kurek

Carolyn Kurek AIFD

Bob Friese AIFD

With over forty five designers from around the USA making their way to this wondrous event you can only imagine the great works of floral art you will find this year. With “Invention” as this years theme, the designers are walking into a blind surprise design not knowing the space or materials they will be working with, creating a true night of invention in the breathtaking woods of Michigan! You can experience last years event from our past article Here.

Sue Bal Vanderhulst AIFD

Jim Rauch AIFD

So we welcome designers and the public alike to come and enjoy a truly once in a lifetime experience. Nothing like Nature’s Creative Edge can be found anywhere else in the world and as it is the final year this is your last chance to get to Fruitport, Michigan to experience this night of floral design magic for yourself.