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Björn Kroner : Featured Designer

One of the greatest quotes to describe this week’s featured designer is “Education is the most powerful weapon, which you can use to change the world” by Nelson Mandela. Björn Kroner is one of those unique people that no matter what he’s teaching you it mesmerizes you and turns everything you’ve ever learned on its head for the better. As a German Master of Floral Design, Björn has used his unique design style and extensive knowledge to progress and personally affect the floral industry in so many ways at such a young age it’s surprising he has time to sit. Whether it’s color, design techniques, or simple detailing skills, Björn is one of the great international leaders pushing the very limits of design and what it means to be a floral designer.


Floral.today was fortunate enough to be able to attend the 2013 Fusion Flowers Magazine Summer School in Kippen, Scotland where Björn was our tutor. As an American designer, it was a whole new world of discipline, skills, techniques and design that opened our eyes to a whole new world of floral and though it was difficult, it was one of the most impactful events in our career. We were introduced to a large array of hard-goods and fresh product that we don’t always get to use. To experience being taught by one of the top floral educators in the world is one of the most valuable opportunities floral.today will ever have.


Björn Kroner of Cologne, Germany was so kind as to being willing to do a quick interview with floral.today between all the crazy traveling and teaching he has been up to. Björn is a freelance designer that has a focus on showroom and fair booth decor, demonstrations and seminars, and also National and International event decor. When he isn’t jet setting all over the world, he likes to cook, be inspired by visiting galleries, furniture and interior stores, along with finding time to relax. At only 33, this young designer is changing the face and very structure of floral design. Now let’s get to know a snippet about him.


 Let’s start of with where you started off in the industry. Where did you get your first spark of floral design and where did you get your floral education up till now?
B. I got in contact with floral design around the age of 14, we have to do a four week practice job we could see doing after school. From that time on I wanted to become a floral designer. After school at 16 I started my apprenticeship in floral design and graduated at 20. At 22 I did my drill instructor, which you need when you want to go further studying at a master school in Germany and finished Master School in 2004 at the age of 23, which is the earliest you can do as a man. Spare that men had to do a social your in between the ages of 20-22. A German Master of Floral Design is the highest education you can get in this profession.

Björn doing what he does best, creating something beautiful! pjk-atelier.de, All Rights Reserved

When did you get your first taste of teaching and demonstrating? Do you think that that first presentation has helped you since that point with how you have evolved your teaching and demonstrating?
B. My first experience I got after I won the County Championships in Nordrhein Westfalen in 2005, from then on I grew up and learned a lot over the years. I see many floral designers around who pretend to be professional teachers and tutors, still I can say from my point I am in a learning process every time, but these people with a very interesting background (let me place it like this) pretend to teach something. Teaching and demonstrating means also you have to have a point of respect for the audience, young designers adopt your technique, which means you should be aware of what you’re doing! 
What are 3-4 of the most amazing floral experiences that you have gotten to participate in so far?
B. I had the chance to be part of the 2010 World Cup in Singapore, that was amazing for growing up in this profession and very instructive at the same point. Second would be that I was on a team to decorate a wedding for the Kingdom of Bahrain…. Glamorous, glamorous, glamorous… also amazing. The last point would be my part in the team of the Young Wild Guns from Fleurop Germany. A team of creative designers who wants to show the public the beauty and freshness of floral design, and what floral design is suppose to be next to cash pose and bouquets. 

Close up from an installation of mine special thing I designed for a German Porcelain Manufacture the form and technique; the print on the porcelain came from a German designer.
pjk-atelier.de, All Rights Reserved

Who or what is responsible for keeping you grounded with the crazy schedule that you have?
B. My Partner, friends and family…. for me it is also very important that I have people next to my floral design life. I have a crazy schedule from time to time as you mentioned, the most important thing to me is that you have a place to call home, wherever that is or how it looks doesn’t matter, you have to feel it. I think this is what keeps me grounded… also the work with young people and teams or the contact with artist to artist who give you influences. 
In your opinion what are some of the most important skills or knowledge to make sure to learn when it come to any type of designing? What is one of the more important pieces of advice you’ve been given pertaining to designing? 
B. Oh gosh that is a big, big field. We Germans are world renowned for our rules and how we do follow these ones. Well I have to say, if your education in floral design is based on these rules and you have manifested this in you, you can do whatever you want and feel free and fly, but first you have to learn these principles. People can give us a smile about these rules, but actually even arts or a colleagues are briefed by these rules. Starting with the golden rule, Symmetry/Asymmetry, and color rules. 

Finish of the installation, background plastic with color from an action painting seminar from my mentor Monika Knoop-Tausch in her atelier
pjk-atelier.de, All Rights Reserved

As someone so young and so accomplished, what are some of your goals that you are working on?
B. I love what I am doing and I love to give my passion and education to others. But also I am thinking right now about moving to Berlin and opening an Event Location, which you can rent and which is multifunctional called the Green Table. So you see there is also another point next to the demonstrating and teaching, I want to follow for the future. 
What are some of your favorite colors, flowers, or products that you like to work with?
B. I love it multicolored, oriental colors and working with shades and textures. In terms of flowers I can say we are very spoiled in Germany, since we have the Netherlands next door and grow during the summer time so many annual flowers to cut. So be the end, I love to work with seasonal flowers during the year, but also combine these ones with flowers from other parts like tropicals, but every time under the same rule to create a store of harmony in the arrangement. 

Working picture on the paper wreath with Monika Knoop-Tausch, my mentor.
pjk-atelier.de, All Rights Reserved

With the industry always changing and evolving, where do you see the floral industry heading in the next 10 to 15 years?
B. In Germany we are having a hard time right now, since to be a floral designer is not Young and Sexy like for example the cooking sector with Jamie Oliver. So we need to work on this to bring back the culture and the passion about how beautiful it is to work with flowers and to have them in your home. With the finish line to bring young generations on our side to learn the Profession. This is at the moment important thing ever and that’s why we have also the Young Wild Guns from Fleurop to show this Passion.
For newer designers and younger designers working hard to make a name for themselves in the floral industry, what advice or words of wisdom would you give them?
B.Keep working on your education, never stop, be open minded, look around with open eyes, challenge yourself.

Final piece a floral wreath that shows a color wheel, construction high transparent paper colored with acrylic colors, you know what I mean. (-:
pjk-atelier.de, All Rights Reserved

As a world traveler, what is your favorite food, and if you could eat that food with anybody in the world, who would it be?
B. I love traveling and learning about new countries and their culture. Every country also has a food culture, sometimes better than others lol, but I love to try and be open mined in every country I visit. Often when there is a special moment I get a memory of a friend or something close and would love to have them there at that exact moment. But to be honest there is nobody I could pull out directly. There are so many amazing people in the world from artists over actors to musicians. To make a decision I would need a long big table, but how much fun could that be.

 To inspire the world is to rock the world to its very core, and we can’t wait to see how Björn rocks the world. Floral.today looks forward to the extraordinary career Björn has ahead of him. We are waiting the day Björn Kroner makes it to the United States and takes it by storm. The next time we see Björn we will be more educated, centered and ready to face the world because of the impact he has had on us. Make sure to follow Björn’s journey on facebook and on his website! If ever given an opportunity to attend one of Björn’s demos or classes make sure to allow him the chance to inspire you just like all the other great designers of our time. We thank Björn for taking the time out of his schedule for floral.today and everything he has done to motivate floral.today and the floral industry to be better for ourselves and the future.

Till Next Week,


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