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Adventure to Baisch and Skinner

For a fun floral field trip floral.today spent the morning visiting and exploring Baisch and Skinner of St. Louis. As one of the larger wholesale floral distributors, Baisch and Skinner is always up to something wether it’s hosting classes and shows at the Linda Kay Learning Center or simply bring florists great products there is always something happening at this great wholesale house.

Baisch and Skinner has been involved in the industry since 1952 and to this day have stayed very involved locally and nationally. This company has grown into being a 160,000 sqft power house with 8 total locations, droves of employees, up-to-date greenhouses, and many different programs and initiatives for floral companies and their customers over the years. Lets take a look at some of floral.today’s favorite currant programs and happenings.

*New Program* St. Louis Plant Rental Program
As this is Baisch and Skinners newest program, this is only available at the St. Louis location. Essentially you can rent plants ranging 3′ to 10′ tall for one to two day events for a lower cost instead of having to get in a bunch of plants you won’t need after the event and may not have the space for. All the plant rentals come in a wicker basket and require a minimum of a 2 week notice. You can click on the title to go directly to the full details for your next event!

Some of the 10′ -12′ palms and spathiphyllums.

Baisch Direct
Nothing is better than being able to know that your able to easily do the wedding or event you just booked out-of-state and not have to worry about how to get the flowers to the location. Baisch Direct does just that, you submit the online form and Baisch and Skinner boxes then ships your product straight to the given location of delivery. As someone that ordered my flowers in St. Louis, Missouri and had everything from craspedia to phaleonopsis orchids shipped to a wedding in Sarasota, Florida, we can tell you that other than one hick-up we received everything great. Click on the Baisch Direct title to check it out!

Brides Bouquet All product shipped with Baisch Direct.


Garrett finishing the last design. All product shipped with Baisch Direct.


Table Design All product shipped with Baisch Direct. Cylinders Rented by Festive Couture Floral.


Linda Kay Learning Center
You can never stay on top of trends and stay a good professional floral design without constantly educating yourself. In honor of the late Linda Kay, Baisch and Skinner has established the Linda Kay Learning Center which hosts a variety of shows, classes, and events. The space is also available to rent for events and meeting. Always keep your eye on the Baisch and Skinner Facebook page as that is where you can find all their upcoming classes, design shows, and events.

Baisch and Skinner has many other programs set-up for all their customers so make sure to go to their website and see what they are doing in your area.

Never seen the Baisch and Skinner St Louis location, well then click on the link below and enjoy seeing Baisch and
Skinner through our eyes!

Adventure Through Baisch and Skinner St. Louis

Thank you Baisch and Skinner for let us run around with our camera and adventure everywhere. Make sure to go check their website or social media to stay in the know of what they have going on. Here are a few of our favorite plants and flowers we got to see while at Baisch and Skinner. Make sure to subscribe to floral.today on youtube as we start Floral Fridays this coming friday!


Amazing “Marco Polo” Centurea This opens to be a beautiful yellow thistle.


Yummy Peachy Hibiscus


Purple and Green Hydrangea


Green and Blue Hydrangea




Burgundy Succulent


Mounted Staghorn Fern


“Yellow Pompon” 28″ Roses


Crazy Cool “Vuvuzela” 21″ Roses


Fresh Cut Clematis


Fresh Cut Clematis


Really Interesting Aechmea Frappaccino


Mini Phalaenopsis Plant


Till Next Week,


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