Social Media Sludge

Sadly it seems not even our industry can avoid the plague of internet trolls and the ever growing immaturity within social media group interactions.

The great thing about the internet is you can be whomever you want to be and treat people however you want without usually having to be held responsible.

As of late some of our industries “Leaders” and “Professionals” have sadly went from helping strengthen our industry to adding to the plague of filth that fills our social media pages each day.

That is the wonderful reason floral.today has chosen our top groups, pages and social media favorites that we think you, our followers, should be following or involved in to become inspired on your floral journey.

With hundreds of thousand of floral design social media groups available, it’s a personal preference of where you think you belong. Here are a few of our top groups and pages we enjoy being part of on social media internationally and in the USA specifically.

Floral.today’s Top 3 USA Facebook Groups
Florist Techies
Florists Network USA
Floral.today’s Top 3 International Facebook Groups
Floral.today’s Top Instagramers
Kim Starr Wise
Mood Flowers
Floral.today’s Top 3 Youtube Channels
Chrysal Floral Nutrients

With so many more types of social media from Twitter to Pinterest, we have given you the social media sites we at floral.today actively watch for inspiration along with trying to actively maintain ourselves.

Social media is always changing and evolving just like the floral industry and as it, along with us, evolves we must always put our best foot forward. Before you give your opinions or evaluate others around you, take a good look at yourself and what you’re about to say. Some critiques will come off harsh or aggressive but when it has proper professional documentation and not just a pumped up ego, take a deep breath to actually learn from these. Also question others around you and anything that passes your eyes and ears as the internet is a messy place and can be very misleading.

Do you agree with our favorites? What do you think of our opinion of floral industry “Professionals” on social media?

Good luck with finding your happy medium on social media where everybody has an opinion and almost everybody is offended for some reason.


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