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YourLily Book Giveaway Winners!

We want to thank YourLily again for generously giving our followers four of their beautiful lily inspiration books!

Make sure you are following Ithos Iap and YourLily for tons more floral inspiration and floral fun!


Our Winners Are:


Property of Carmen Macias Castro

Carmen Macias Castro

Carmen Flor and Plants
Las Quintas, Culiacán, Sinaloa






Property of Lani Allen Callister

Lani Allen Callister

Ensign Wholesale Florist
Salt Lake City, Utah


Property of Doug Bates AIFD

Doug Bates AIFD

Designs by Vogt’s Floral & Gifts
Sturgis, MI


Property of Amanda Voss CFD

Amanda Voss Cfd

Voss Design and Events
Albuquerque, New Mexico








Congratulations to our 4 winners, they can look forward to their YourLily inspiration books arriving soon!

New floral adventures and happenings coming out soon, so stay tuned!


Till next time,

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A Floral Farewell to 2016!

As we end another year here at we ask ourselves, 2016 how did you escape us so quickly? will reflect over the month some of our floral high’s and lows of 2016, we welcome you to share how your year went and what you hope for in 2017.

This post will be short as we share just a quick taste of what’s coming in December!


Inspiring Floral Designs of 2016

– Our top floral design picks from 2016 strongly taking us into 2017! –


Designers That Flourished Throughout 2016

– They took our breath away with their design skill, confidence, and overall greatness leaving a mark in 2016! –


Make sure to share with everything about your floral 2016 as we work through the holiday season!

Till December,



Social Media Sludge

Sadly it seems not even our industry can avoid the plague of internet trolls and the ever growing immaturity within social media group interactions.

The great thing about the internet is you can be whomever you want to be and treat people however you want without usually having to be held responsible.

As of late some of our industries “Leaders” and “Professionals” have sadly went from helping strengthen our industry to adding to the plague of filth that fills our social media pages each day.

That is the wonderful reason has chosen our top groups, pages and social media favorites that we think you, our followers, should be following or involved in to become inspired on your floral journey.

With hundreds of thousand of floral design social media groups available, it’s a personal preference of where you think you belong. Here are a few of our top groups and pages we enjoy being part of on social media internationally and in the USA specifically.’s Top 3 USA Facebook Groups
Florist Techies
Florists Network USA
FLORIST TO FLORIST’s Top 3 International Facebook Groups
Kim Starr Wise
Mood Flowers
SOLOMON BLOEMEN’s Top 3 Youtube Channels
Chrysal Floral Nutrients

With so many more types of social media from Twitter to Pinterest, we have given you the social media sites we at actively watch for inspiration along with trying to actively maintain ourselves.

Social media is always changing and evolving just like the floral industry and as it, along with us, evolves we must always put our best foot forward. Before you give your opinions or evaluate others around you, take a good look at yourself and what you’re about to say. Some critiques will come off harsh or aggressive but when it has proper professional documentation and not just a pumped up ego, take a deep breath to actually learn from these. Also question others around you and anything that passes your eyes and ears as the internet is a messy place and can be very misleading.

Do you agree with our favorites? What do you think of our opinion of floral industry “Professionals” on social media?

Good luck with finding your happy medium on social media where everybody has an opinion and almost everybody is offended for some reason.


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And The Winner Is…..

Our Follower Appreciation Book Giveaway Winner Is…..

Fabian Salcedo

F2 Floral Design

Austin, Tx



Fabian has won an autographed copy of



Congratulations to Fabian and thank you for your support. To all those that participated in the giveaway, we thank you and we look forward to doing giveaways in the future!

Huge thank you again for taking us past the 1500 follower mark, looks forward to our exciting floral filled future.



Follower Appreciation Book Giveaway! – Contest Ended

Thank You!


For all your love and support of we are super excited to give one of you a Signed copy of


A Fresh Look at Judging Floral Design

by Hitomi Gilliam AIFD and Kathy Whalen AIFD



Book Preview


How To Win!

1. Must be a follower of social media.

  youtube twitter facebook

2. Enter name into the raffle.

Contest has ended!
Watch out for the next one!

Thank you again from all of us at! We look forward to all the interesting and exciting floral things to come!



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New Year Floral Youtube Inspirations

What a week for starting off the new year with amazing inspiration! Check out some of these fantastic youtube videos filled with floral inspiration, education and great design goal makers.

Who couldn’t love all the amazing designs done at the 2015 Rose Bowl Parade? For those that didn’t have friends working on the floats, luckily you have J Schwanke of to take you on an up-close and personal tour of the Kit Cat’s American Grown float this year!

Some our favorite things we took away from the video.

– The amount of people willing to volunteer at an event such as this.

– The unwavering support that American companies can show to each other.

– The fantastic quality of California Grown products.

– Large-scale design doesn’t just have to be big ball arrangements or tons of product just thrown on top of each other en masse.

Who doesn’t get excited when they see the words Hitomi Gilliam along with Mechanics and Techniques? Hitomi has us follow along as on her journey of transparency with florals. We are learning a unique way of creating an armature with flow, depth and texture using a limited amount of product in an very high impacting way.

Our favorite parts!

– “Let it happen naturally” Being someone that doesn’t love the mass design or ball of flowers, this is will be on repeat in our heads when it comes to our designs now.

– Using flowers and not just willow or branches for the armature structure creates more interest and tests the limits of a flower’s ability.

– Proper proportions to create the illusion of designing in stones.

– Enhancing florals that have hardier blooms such as crespedia to create greater interest.

– Knowing proper elements and principles of designs to elevate your designs into something above the basic everyday design.

What a start for the 2015 Mayesh Design Star Beth O’Reilly! Nothing is better than a fresh take on a mass design and Beth gives the anything-but-interesting mass design a fun and intriguing upgrade with this  2-D floral framed sculpture.

What we learned the most.

– The importance of depth and texture, especially in a 2-D design.

– Some older mechanics such as chicken wire are still the best and you can’t go very far without good mechanics.

– Using high quality product is key to a successful design such as the Mayesh Awesome Blossoms.

– Don’t fear going to the hardware store and being inspired with new tools and hardgoods.

Welcoming, professional and challenging are all the things we enjoy with from Leanne Kesler AIFD and the Floral Design Institute Videos. We get invited to the Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition and learn to make a contemporary tropical floral design.

What we took away from the video!

– Schedule to attend the Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition next year for inspiration and even more floral exploration!

– Don’t be afraid to take a few cuttings from the plants in your shop.

– Using proper and professional design terms and names elevates your design and creates a higher valued design.

– Find value in your foliages and use them as more than a foam cover.

What has already inspired you in the new year? Make sure to share your thoughts with us about these videos and tell us what inspired you. Also make sure to go show all these designers your support and subscribe to their channels to be updated when they post more amazing videos. We here at hope your year is starting off with a bang and you are working hard towards your floral resolutions!

Till next week,



Marsala – Industry Professional Thoughts on the 2015 Color of the Year

To get the feel about the new 2015 Pantone Color of the Year, Marsala, asked a few industry professional what their first impression was and where they are most excited to see it in the floral industry. Interestingly enough, the answers are as different as the designers that we asked.



Jodi Duncan HS

Photo property of Jodi Duncan

Jodi Duncan AIFD
Jodi Duncan Designs
Norris City, Illinois

I don't love it. I GET it, but I don't personally love it. It's very warm red. Almost a burgundy! Which is a throwback to the 90s for me. I'm old enough to remember this color the first time around. I think it will look very good with Woodtones and brown. Brown has become passé in recent years. Maybe pairing it with this color will bring on a resurgence of brown. Can you tell I like brown? Giggle.


Angela Darrah

Photo property of Angela Darrah

Angela Darrah AIFD, CFD
Freelance Designer
Atlantic City, New Jersey

Honestly, my first thought when I saw the new Pantone color of the year was that it would be a perfect new nail polish. I'm attending my first holiday party tomorrow and I have fashion on the brain. As for the floral industry, Marsala pairs well with metallic yellow and rose golds, along with the satin rich blues that are so popular. Utilizing blossoms with natural gold, orange and green highlights will keep Marsala from appearing too dark and receding into the shadows. Brides can add Marsala to softer peach and pink color palettes for additional depth, or neutral white and green designs for a sophisticated rich brown tone. My favorite flowers to watch are lady slipper orchids, and variegated parrot tulips. I also like the natural orange highlights of petite banksia, and unique roses like Rose exciting with their green ruffled centers. Leucadendron (especially the smaller spray varieties), kangaroo paw, and hellebores could also be in demand. Overall, I'm very optimistic. I can't wait to read what others have to say.


Jacyln Gough

Photo property of Jacyln Gough

Jaclyn Gough
The Skinny Vase LLC
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

After finding out that Pantone's color for 2015 was Marsala, I said to myself, "Well I guess Navy will have a shot at it next year."I thought long and hard that Navy Blue would be the color, but I was wrong and that is ok. Marsala not only reminds me of my days as a prep cook in MD cooking Marsala Chicken, but to stay grounded. Marsala is an earthy and warm color that symbolizes strength. In floral design, I'm most excited to see this color in floral arrangements; monochromatic color schemes and Burgundy Cymbidium Orchids, Hypericum Berries, Cranberry Antique Hydrangea mixed with earth tones for a wow impact. I'm excited to see this color used as an accent in floristry. I'm a big fan of detailed arrangements and have a feeling others will get fancy with beaded wire and ribbon treatments on bouquets, just to name a couple. Now, let's raise a glass of red wine to 2015 and make the very best of this earthy, clay like and lava rock color Pantone has just declared as, Marsala.


Laura Daluga CFD

Photo property of Laura Daluga

Laura Daluga CFD
Anna Held Floral Studio
Chicago, Illinois
"Nice! A warm, romantic base color." After months of speculation, the designer consensus was that this year's color would be in the blue range. I was surprised, and relieved that a greyed-down dusty blue hadn't been chosen. Phew!


Joe Guggia HS

Photo property of Joe Guggia

Joe Guggia AIFD
Joe Guggia: Floral Sharing
Santa Maria, California

Being aware of current design and color trends in the floral industry is a must to succeed, while embracing the changes that occur so rapidly in our design world.  Now, just because the knowledgeable Pantone team directs us to a certain color does not mean we immediately run out and buy everything in that color to satisfy our client base.  I do think it guides us to be aware of a trend towards a color, knowledge that will put us at the head of the pack when savvy brides ask “I saw this color, are there flowers to match this?”
The 2015 Pantone color of the year “Marsala” has been described as “hardy, robust, satisfying, fulfilling” with “a certain glamour” attached to it, along with a “natural earthiness”.  On their own, the words  “glamour” and “natural earthiness” will sell this color to any bride.  It truly is a beautiful shade that will take over the runways and be the perfect color for attendant’s dresses, table cloths, accessories.  And talk about the flower choices and hues:  dahlia with shades of faded pink, garden roses in creamy white, coral peonies. Or the boldness of purples and dark, rich blues.  Honestly, so many possibilities they make me dreamy just thinking about them!
I’m not one that feels we must be guided only by trends.
Every area has brides who will undoubtedly gravitate towards different styles like Shabby Chic (one I feel will be around at least through this year).  We need to be aware of their needs, and please them.  Having more knowledge about color and what’s happening in the world will do just that.  We can suggest adding this beautiful Marsala color to the jars on their table.  Maybe even convince them that the color will go so well with raffia and burlap, especially adding a bit of “bling” to the mix.  Our sharing possibilities are endless.  It’s our duty and honor to have the professional knowledge to help guide our clients to new heights, being their “go to” source for floral AND decor.



Stacey Carlton

Photo property of Stacey Carlton

Stacey Carlton AIFD
Freelance Designer
Oxnard, California

The design world was due for an earth inspired palette. Marsala has substance, it's hearty and rich. It's tone will translate into many mediums but will favor the floral industry because of it's cue from nature. Pantone's choice is in line with the green movement and the resurgence of bohemian style and culture. Marsala feels right for 2015 and I'm already inspired. 

Thank you to all the industry professionals that took the time to send over a quick thought. As we move into a new season for floral shows, demonstrations and events it will be intriguing to see what Marsala has waiting for us!

Till Next Time,

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A Logo’s Strength

As one of the very first things a consumer or industry colleague sees when looking at your social media, business materials and even in some cases your company sign, your logo is one of the most important first impressions that could set the mood for the future you may have with said consumer and industry colleagues.


Font, color and over all style are major impactors on what the world sees your company as. Are you a high style boutique, a couture events company, a simple country shop, or even a modern freelancer? Make sure your logo is made to sell to whom your consumer is or who you are looking to target yourself towards.


We have gathered a few logos that we here at like in the floral industry and they are as different as the businesses they belong to. From small town to big city these three logo’s show good color use, impacting fonts and are used to create interest and a strong symbol of their business.

Enjoy and make to share with us and these companies what you think is important in a logo and why.
Tracy Park
Park Place Designs
Battle Creek, Michigan

Tracy Park
Great use of a analogous color harmony of pinks and peaches. Creating the framing around the business name with the antlers makes it important without needing any type of special font. Simple clean and though it has soft colors, this is very in your face and attention grabbing. What do you think of Tracy's logo?


Becky Klein AIFD
Poppy Design Studio
Columbia, Illinois

Poppy 2What we enjoy about Becky's logo and branding as a whole is that she embodies the poppy to a beautiful extreme. We enjoy how the logo has the antique poppy in the corner just there enough to notice for interest and to reinforce the name. The use of the rougher calligraphy against the less unique font and the lowercase verses capital letters creates an importance to both places while giving us a nice cohesion to the name of the business. Unlike above, the simple touches of color gives you some interest but doesn't have any real importance other than aesthetics. Wonderful logo combining old world poppies with unique fonts, what do you think of this logo?


Mandy Majerik AIFD, PFCI
Hothouse Design Studio
Birmingham, Alabama

HothouseAll Black and all one font getting straight to the point and we enjoy this logo for it. We think the capital 'h' exudes power and gets your attention and makes you want to read what comes after it. Though this logo seems very simple, we here at thinks it's daring and shows Mandy has a confidence in herself, her team and her product. This logo shows us that you don't need any colors or fonts screaming for attention if you have a well chosen simple font and create a focal to grasp that attention. Bravo to Mandy for such a simple but strong logo, what do you think of the black and white look?

Thank you to all three of these wonderful ladies as it takes guts to give a thing so important to you and your business up to the industry to judge, be inspired by and draw inspiration from. Make sure to go follow them on social media to show your support to your fellow floral designers. Share with us your thoughts on logos and also share with us your logos. 
Till Monday,




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Trying Out November!

What fun we have had trying out some new products and techniques in November. We hope you enjoy this #FloralFriday’s post and always make sure to share with us what you’re up to! Lets dive right into what we tried and loved, and how it all worked out for us.

First up we have our hand bouquet to be held cupped in the hand with a ring for extra comfort and security. With the Emerald Lion Brand Yarn and the Silver 12 Gauge OASIS Aluminum Wire are so white that the bouquet stays strong but very light so even after the addition of the flowers the bouquet stays moderately light. We then have the cranberries threaded on black basic carpeting thread that is thin but very strong so the threads hang and twist without distorting the shape like some wires can do. The threading was finished off with Silver OASIS Beaded Wire and a simple hourglass for interest and to finish off the ends. Then to round the bouquet off we add in some dried Carthamus Safflower and a few McKenny Orange Mokara Orchids for color and interest. Combining the different shades of red and red orange along with dry and fresh creates an interesting visual and physical texture. What would you change or do to make the bouquet your own?
Hand Bouquet Complete 1 Hand Bouquet Complete 2 Hand Bouquet Complete 3 Hand Bouquet Complete 4 Hand Bouquet Complete 5 Hand Bouquet Complete 6 
This is followed up by our free form linear design used with our dried out and used products. The use of the Rose Gold 241 Design Master paint on the dried flax and ilex branches made for a great combination of fall color and interest. The groupings of the Eufloria Flowers “Fiesta Sunset” Garden Roses is giving little bursts of color and color blocking up through the design while the Rose Gold Flax gives you abstract lines and depth through the branches. The whole design is securely designed into a Cattail Stem Grouping bound with Natural OASIS Bind Wire to create a unique textural base that uses a product that was collecting dust. The whole design is supported by the Cattail Stem Groupings and a OASIS MEGA Wire spiral under the base. What would you do to change the look or style? 
Abstract Complete 1Abstract CompleteAbstract Complete 2Abstract Base
The day is rapped up with the simple but impactful mounted orchid plant! The live orchid plant we went with is the Odontocidium Everglades Elegance “Nancy Lee” with it’s variegated petals, multiple blooms and an abundance of new stems growing. We mounted our Midollino Spiral first but weaving the ends through our metal structure then added our orchid plant into the spiral securing both with 3 bind points, bound with Natural OASIS Bind Wire. To add a bit of color to the leaves we added dried Ilex Branches Tips dusted with Rose Gold 241 Design Master paint and then added 2 smaller branch tips to the roots to elongate the the root system. Tons of texture, interest and a unique way to present an orchid plant. We use water spray bottles to keep the orchid hydrated and the mounting helps us with our personal over watering issues. How do you like to present your orchids to an elevated level? Show us your elevated orchids and how you provide your customer unique plant options
Wreath Complete 4Wreath Complete 3 Wreath Complete 5

What are you doing in the month of November to challenge yourself or adventure the floral industry? We had tons of fun getting to explore some fun design techniques and products in November. Share with us what your doing this month so we can follow along with what you, our readers, are doing.

Till next week,
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Want, Love, Try in November

It’s all about the trying and loving in November as we try out new product combinations and inspirations that we are finding all around the industry. Here are some of the fun things we are trying out to help elevate our designs and help us stay on top of our creative game. Make sure to always keep up as we love to be inspired!

First up we are playing with yarn and wire to create interesting visual texture and patterns. The first time had seen someone Knit/Crochet along with floral design was at the American Institute of Floral Design 2013 Symposium Show, “HAND|craft – Design to Distinguish Yourself” presented by Jim Dempsey AIFD, CFD, when the whole show was produced in all hand crafted ways to show the increased visual value and professional skill.
We love to knit here at so why not take something we like to relax to and enhance our designs with it! You can see the beginning of our hand bouquet with emerald Lion Brand Yarn and Silver Smithers Oasis 12 gage Aluminum Wire. The wire ring form was the start and then we moved to going back and forth with the yarn to create and interesting pattern and visual texture. The yarn makes the bouquet super easy to glue into and the wire can be formed into any shape to create many different types of styles and forms. We will have the finished design in our #FloralFriday post for you to enjoy.
We are also having some fun with dried flax, cattails and branches for November. To be honest we had bought to many flax and it dried out but as we payed for it why throw it out. In the floral industry there is a great amount of waste, were not saying save all your trash but if it dries well or could be utilized in a good way in the future why not make some money from it.
We have dusted our branches with Design Master Rose Gold 241 paint and have done a full cover on our flax with the Design Master Rose Gold 241 paint. We are loving the pillar shapes we have been seeing all over the place, so we will be showing you the completed design on #FloralFriday as we try out creating a pillar design with our lost or forgotten product.
Finally we are trying out our Midollino Spiral from last weeks video to enhance a plant to be gifted. As a great way to add visual value and to enhance the plant to make it unique and one of a kind, it’s the perfect gift to come from You can check out the video of the adventure that is Garrett trying to make the Midollino Spiral and then see the finished product of #FloralFriday!
Make sure to always share with us on social media or here what fun products or floral adventures you’re up to.
See you on Friday,