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Garrett’s PDFE Mock Exam Day

The only way to succeed is to practice, practice, practice and while preparing for his American Institute of Floral Designers, Professional Floral Design Evaluation that is a lot of what Garrett has done. This last week was Garrett’s last major event till his PFDE on Jul 1st and it was a mock exam hosted by Forget Me Not Flowers in Bloomington, IL. This has no affiliation with AIFD but was a great preparation to understand testing in a 4 hour time restraint and also understanding PFDE evaluations from an evaluators perspective and as a group.


This mock PFDE was strictly followed to what would actually happen in the real examination. Starting with a briefing of the design categories, a time to review the product and to organize your space and then they were off! They had 4 hours to design 5 pieces to the categories Sympathy, Arrangement, Wedding, Flowers to Wear, and a Duplicate. For each category floral.today is going to list each category with the specifics along with Garrett’s design for the category. wWith the photo’s and descriptions floral.today is going to list a few of the critiques Garrett was given to work on before July.



A Floral Tribute For A Cremation…
The Red Memorial Container Represents The Urn That Is To Be Incorporated Into (Or Set Next To) Your Design

*Adding willow or a few more tulips to left side to make it stronger to add balance to my line
*Reduce the orange roses, add a small grouping to the back to pull the eye through the arrangement
*Reducing the orange roses by only a few to create a heart
*Wire all the tulips or avoid the tulips since they will grow over night


A Bouquet For A Bridesmaid
*Bind all the orchid tips together
*Take the extra time and triple check as there was a piece of tape showing
*Take last minute wire off the handle as it wasn’t needed and kept falling off
*Add an aspidistra leaf or grass to the orchids to make it completely clear how to hold the bouquet and it’s direction
*Hold the bouquet to test physical balance

A Centerpiece for a Dinner Party

Your Arrangement Will Be Placed On An Elongated Rectangular Table, Seating 12

Full Design


Closeup Of Design

*Break-up the middle of the arrangement by creating different levels with the flowers for depth
*Reduce the amount of flowers in the center 
*Double Check that the equisetum is all in a uniform curved line

Flowers to wear

A Corsage For Prom
May be worn on the wrist or arm

Full Design


Closeup of Detail

*Triple check for exposed glue
*Make sure backing is similar shape to whats carried out throughout the design
*Watch where the tips are going so it isn’t poking anybody
Put the corsage on your wrist to understand where all the flowers are sitting.


Duplicate The Design From The Picture Provided
Unfortunately Garrett didn’t take a picture of his duplicate at the time, but here are some of the critiques he received.
*Do this design first to get it out of the way or start it and then come back to it if you are struggling with it
*Triple check the flower count
*Create a good grid so you can place your flowers into the vase without them moving around
*Watch my scale to where all the placements are.

Complete Table


Garrett finished with a good 45-1hour to go and should have went back as a tiny bit of glue was showing past the corsage backing and a little bit of tape was showing on the bouquet, so time management could be worked on also before July 1st comes. This was a fantastic day of prep and education. Thank you Eldon and Jane Haab of Forget Me Not Flowers and also all the AIFD members that took the time to come help those testing this year understand the process a lot better. 
What are you doing to prepare for the PFDE this year or any other floral related examinations? We love to here what our floral.today followers are up to so keep us in the loop on our social media. Make sure to check out Garrett’s adventure to his PFDE Test Prep Day Video.
Floral.today has already started scheduling interviews at the 2104 AIFD Symposium so keep your eye out for us!
Till next week,



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