Marsala – Industry Professional Thoughts on the 2015 Color of the Year

To get the feel about the new 2015 Pantone Color of the Year, Marsala, Floral.today asked a few industry professional what their first impression was and where they are most excited to see it in the floral industry. Interestingly enough, the answers are as different as the designers that we asked.



Jodi Duncan HS

Photo property of Jodi Duncan

Jodi Duncan AIFD
Jodi Duncan Designs
Norris City, Illinois

I don't love it. I GET it, but I don't personally love it. It's very warm red. Almost a burgundy! Which is a throwback to the 90s for me. I'm old enough to remember this color the first time around. I think it will look very good with Woodtones and brown. Brown has become passé in recent years. Maybe pairing it with this color will bring on a resurgence of brown. Can you tell I like brown? Giggle.


Angela Darrah

Photo property of Angela Darrah

Angela Darrah AIFD, CFD
Freelance Designer
Atlantic City, New Jersey

Honestly, my first thought when I saw the new Pantone color of the year was that it would be a perfect new nail polish. I'm attending my first holiday party tomorrow and I have fashion on the brain. As for the floral industry, Marsala pairs well with metallic yellow and rose golds, along with the satin rich blues that are so popular. Utilizing blossoms with natural gold, orange and green highlights will keep Marsala from appearing too dark and receding into the shadows. Brides can add Marsala to softer peach and pink color palettes for additional depth, or neutral white and green designs for a sophisticated rich brown tone. My favorite flowers to watch are lady slipper orchids, and variegated parrot tulips. I also like the natural orange highlights of petite banksia, and unique roses like Rose exciting with their green ruffled centers. Leucadendron (especially the smaller spray varieties), kangaroo paw, and hellebores could also be in demand. Overall, I'm very optimistic. I can't wait to read what others have to say.


Jacyln Gough

Photo property of Jacyln Gough

Jaclyn Gough
The Skinny Vase LLC
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

After finding out that Pantone's color for 2015 was Marsala, I said to myself, "Well I guess Navy will have a shot at it next year."I thought long and hard that Navy Blue would be the color, but I was wrong and that is ok. Marsala not only reminds me of my days as a prep cook in MD cooking Marsala Chicken, but to stay grounded. Marsala is an earthy and warm color that symbolizes strength. In floral design, I'm most excited to see this color in floral arrangements; monochromatic color schemes and Burgundy Cymbidium Orchids, Hypericum Berries, Cranberry Antique Hydrangea mixed with earth tones for a wow impact. I'm excited to see this color used as an accent in floristry. I'm a big fan of detailed arrangements and have a feeling others will get fancy with beaded wire and ribbon treatments on bouquets, just to name a couple. Now, let's raise a glass of red wine to 2015 and make the very best of this earthy, clay like and lava rock color Pantone has just declared as, Marsala.


Laura Daluga CFD

Photo property of Laura Daluga

Laura Daluga CFD
Anna Held Floral Studio
Chicago, Illinois
"Nice! A warm, romantic base color." After months of speculation, the designer consensus was that this year's color would be in the blue range. I was surprised, and relieved that a greyed-down dusty blue hadn't been chosen. Phew!


Joe Guggia HS

Photo property of Joe Guggia

Joe Guggia AIFD
Joe Guggia: Floral Sharing
Santa Maria, California

Being aware of current design and color trends in the floral industry is a must to succeed, while embracing the changes that occur so rapidly in our design world.  Now, just because the knowledgeable Pantone team directs us to a certain color does not mean we immediately run out and buy everything in that color to satisfy our client base.  I do think it guides us to be aware of a trend towards a color, knowledge that will put us at the head of the pack when savvy brides ask “I saw this color, are there flowers to match this?”
The 2015 Pantone color of the year “Marsala” has been described as “hardy, robust, satisfying, fulfilling” with “a certain glamour” attached to it, along with a “natural earthiness”.  On their own, the words  “glamour” and “natural earthiness” will sell this color to any bride.  It truly is a beautiful shade that will take over the runways and be the perfect color for attendant’s dresses, table cloths, accessories.  And talk about the flower choices and hues:  dahlia with shades of faded pink, garden roses in creamy white, coral peonies. Or the boldness of purples and dark, rich blues.  Honestly, so many possibilities they make me dreamy just thinking about them!
I’m not one that feels we must be guided only by trends.
Every area has brides who will undoubtedly gravitate towards different styles like Shabby Chic (one I feel will be around at least through this year).  We need to be aware of their needs, and please them.  Having more knowledge about color and what’s happening in the world will do just that.  We can suggest adding this beautiful Marsala color to the jars on their table.  Maybe even convince them that the color will go so well with raffia and burlap, especially adding a bit of “bling” to the mix.  Our sharing possibilities are endless.  It’s our duty and honor to have the professional knowledge to help guide our clients to new heights, being their “go to” source for floral AND decor.



Stacey Carlton

Photo property of Stacey Carlton

Stacey Carlton AIFD
Freelance Designer
Oxnard, California

The design world was due for an earth inspired palette. Marsala has substance, it's hearty and rich. It's tone will translate into many mediums but will favor the floral industry because of it's cue from nature. Pantone's choice is in line with the green movement and the resurgence of bohemian style and culture. Marsala feels right for 2015 and I'm already inspired. 

Thank you to all the industry professionals that took the time to send over a quick thought. As we move into a new season for floral shows, demonstrations and events it will be intriguing to see what Marsala has waiting for us!

Till Next Time,

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