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Trying Out November!

What fun we have had trying out some new products and techniques in November. We hope you enjoy this #FloralFriday’s post and always make sure to share with us what you’re up to! Lets dive right into what we tried and loved, and how it all worked out for us.

First up we have our hand bouquet to be held cupped in the hand with a ring for extra comfort and security. With the Emerald Lion Brand Yarn and the Silver 12 Gauge OASIS Aluminum Wire are so white that the bouquet stays strong but very light so even after the addition of the flowers the bouquet stays moderately light. We then have the cranberries threaded on black basic carpeting thread that is thin but very strong so the threads hang and twist without distorting the shape like some wires can do. The threading was finished off with Silver OASIS Beaded Wire and a simple hourglass for interest and to finish off the ends. Then to round the bouquet off we add in some dried Carthamus Safflower and a few McKenny Orange Mokara Orchids for color and interest. Combining the different shades of red and red orange along with dry and fresh creates an interesting visual and physical texture. What would you change or do to make the bouquet your own?
Hand Bouquet Complete 1 Hand Bouquet Complete 2 Hand Bouquet Complete 3 Hand Bouquet Complete 4 Hand Bouquet Complete 5 Hand Bouquet Complete 6 
This is followed up by our free form linear design used with our dried out and used products. The use of the Rose Gold 241 Design Master paint on the dried flax and ilex branches made for a great combination of fall color and interest. The groupings of the Eufloria Flowers “Fiesta Sunset” Garden Roses is giving little bursts of color and color blocking up through the design while the Rose Gold Flax gives you abstract lines and depth through the branches. The whole design is securely designed into a Cattail Stem Grouping bound with Natural OASIS Bind Wire to create a unique textural base that uses a product that was collecting dust. The whole design is supported by the Cattail Stem Groupings and a OASIS MEGA Wire spiral under the base. What would you do to change the look or style? 
Abstract Complete 1Abstract CompleteAbstract Complete 2Abstract Base
The day is rapped up with the simple but impactful mounted orchid plant! The live orchid plant we went with is the Odontocidium Everglades Elegance “Nancy Lee” with it’s variegated petals, multiple blooms and an abundance of new stems growing. We mounted our Midollino Spiral first but weaving the ends through our metal structure then added our orchid plant into the spiral securing both with 3 bind points, bound with Natural OASIS Bind Wire. To add a bit of color to the leaves we added dried Ilex Branches Tips dusted with Rose Gold 241 Design Master paint and then added 2 smaller branch tips to the roots to elongate the the root system. Tons of texture, interest and a unique way to present an orchid plant. We use water spray bottles to keep the orchid hydrated and the mounting helps us with our personal over watering issues. How do you like to present your orchids to an elevated level? Show us your elevated orchids and how you provide your customer unique plant options
Wreath Complete 4Wreath Complete 3 Wreath Complete 5

What are you doing in the month of November to challenge yourself or adventure the floral industry? We had tons of fun getting to explore some fun design techniques and products in November. Share with us what your doing this month so we can follow along with what you, our readers, are doing.

Till next week,
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