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Imagine a walk in the middle of the woods that is lit with nothing but thousands of candles, a beautiful Michigan autumn evening and over 30 professionally made large scale floral designs created by designers from all over the United States. Now stop imagining and pencil in the date to attend ‘Suspension’, this years theme of the 2014 AIFD North Central Chapter‘s Nature’s Creative Edge, September 19-21, 2014. You can find all the information at this LINK and show them support on the Nature’s Creative Edge Facebook page.

NCE 2013 First 5 Designs Pic 1
2013 Natures Creative Edge Entrance to the Woods, Picture Property of A. Carmolli

Nature’s Creative Edge is a one of a kind public awareness event hosted by the AIFD North Central Chapter to raise funds for floral industry education September 19 through September 21, 2014. As a designer of the last 4 years I enjoy every year more and more as this is a floral event for refueling your creativity and bringing back your center. Every designer should experience this event as it is one of the few events that is all about you in the woods creating something beautiful for the world to see without any major stress, few requirements and a plethora of world class designers all around you.


This event is hosted on the property of Bob Friese AIFD in the beautiful Fruitport, MI woods. You are parked in a a field then loaded on to a bus which takes you to the depths of the woods to be welcomed into the woods by an AIFD member and directed down a wood chip path all lined with thousands of candles. It is a night of dreaming, fantasy, professionally executed designs and beauty. As you walk down the path experiencing each design you have many opportunities to actually meet the designer and discuss their designs and thought when it came to creating their designs. Get ready for one of the best themes yet as this year for ‘Suspension’ all the designs have to be elevated in the air no closer than 6 inches to the ground.

NCE 2013 First 5 Designs Pic 2

Chandelier Designed By James Lutke, Picture Property of A. Carmolli

The other great part of the night to be known is that the designers have donated their time, the flowers have been provided, and all the support from the community is for the cause of raising money for education. It’s this that makes this night of floral magic worth every second, knowing you are part of keeping floral education and the floral industry strong for a bright future. My other favorite part of this wonderful event is the army of designers and helpers that makes this event happen. It is always great to see how people come together and give so much of themselves for such a great cause, it makes your soul warm and makes you want to get involved that much more.

NCE 2013 First 5 Designs Pic 4

Design by Jim Rauch AIFD, CFD, CF, Picture Property of A. Carmolli

All are welcome to attend and designers are always welcome to assist in designs or creating their own exhibit. The public and designers can contact Alice Waterous AIFD, CF, CFD, PFCI or the Nature’s Creative Edge facebook page with any questions or comments. Make your best effort to attend this once in a lifetime event as you will not find anything such as this display of design anywhere else in the world.


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