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What is Floral Soil Solutions?

What are their goals and hopes for the future of their products?

How does this change the playing field for floral foam and organic floral products for the future?


We had the pleasure to attend the Floral Soil Solutions Webinar December 9th with the CEO/Founder Mikey Blake and moderated by Outdoor Living Expert, Debra Prinzing. It was great to be invited to see where this product is going and what their future plans are for the floral industry and organic, natural products. Floral Soil Solution is the new kid on the block that is developing 100% natural plant based floral soil, hard foam and containers. This is not the first time that someone has brought a product such as this to the industry but this is the first time it’s near perfect.


Floral Soil


100% Plant Based

USDA Certified Organic & Biobased

100% Traceable

Able to Propagate Seed and Plant



Safe enough to eat


Bio Based


Grow Seed

Hold Water

Design for the next life first

Restorative after disposal

Circular Life Cycle


What That All Means

Nontoxic Human, Environmental and Global recognized to only contain plant products.

100% Plant Based – Created out of coconut husk and renewable plant extracts

USDA Certified Organic and Biobased  100% Naturally based, Meets all EPA requirements

100% Traceable – You can follow the life the produce from start to finish to start again with a Circular Life Cycle or a IERE Life Cycle Assessment from start of product extraction to recycling and waste management.

Propragatable – Seeds and plants can be planted into the product and grow from it.


Under Development

Natural Dry Flower Foam – To create silk, artificial and permanent botanical arrangements. Mickey and her team are working on this product to be 100% naturally based and on the same lines of their new floral soil.

100% Plant Containers US & EU Certified Biodegradable & Compostable Containers – The title says it all, a container that floral.today thinks is going to be able to fit the Circular Life Cycle and most definitely the IERE Life Cycle. A plant based container line that will be 100% natural plant material and if your customer tosses it, the container will not take 100% to break down.

Our Final Thoughts

Competition – In a part of the industry that has a strong floral foam oligopoly, it’s refreshing to see a new kid on the block bring something new to the stage of floral containers and foam. I will always use Smithers-Oasis and Chrysal because they have other great products but as the world is always looking for the next best thing I think it’s time for this new floral soil to come into the industry and impress us.

Organic and Biobased – Knowing florists that have respiratory issues and other major health issues, the use of Black Carbons, Barium Sulfates, and Formaldehyde on any level used in floral foams makes us weary. Not only does it give the industry a healthier option, it also pushes the other floral industry providers to up their game in make our industry cleaner and healthier.

What’s Not to Love – Floral Soil Solutions has a Design Competition running right now to showcase you the designers and to let the industry not just experience this new product but also play with it to help them find what you the designer think needs to be changed or adjusted. We can’t wait to get our paws on some here at floral today to see what it’s like! This product can also be used in the industry for more than just designing, so you can try planting in them to see how your willow or seeds grow.

So what do you think of this new soil? You can always check out the Floral Soil Solutions website to see floral designs and a ton more information on what this interesting company is up to. We look forward to trying the soil out and are intrigued by their under-development containers. Are you looking forward to what Floral Soil Solutions is doing?
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