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Yuko Takagi : Featured Designer


To create something that leaves the world sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for more is a gift! Floral.today is super excited to bring one of Japan’s top floral gems, Yuko Takagi of Quelle Blumen Atelier.


We are jealous of those lucky few that got a spot at the 2015 Fusion Flower Summer School and that will get the amazing opportunity of being tutored by Yuko and Floral.today wishes we could be there! To learn her attention to simplicity and beautiful detail in a world of ball arrangements and mass designs would be a great refresher to the design mind. When Yuko isn’t teaching floral education or giving presentations, she likes to cook, travel and one of Floral.today’s favorite’s fashion! She is true master of physical and visual texture in design and always keeping the design clean and simple.

Floral.today hopes you enjoy Yuko’s interview as one the industries sharpest eyes for textural detail and making mundane traditional into new age extraordinary.
Where did you first start your floral design career?
Y. I started in the study floristry at private floral school in Japan 27 years ago.
What are you looking forward to the most at the 2015 Fusion Flowers Summer School?
Y. I’m looking forward to meeting international people and conversing with them. I hope, they will like my designs…
Yuko Takagi
Where do you think the floral education is strongest and where do you think it can be improved?
Y. Germany has the strongest in my opinion and Japan’s Ikebana culture could use some improvement. Sorry I don’t have images as examples.
When you do demonstrations or classes, what are your favorite things to teach?
Y. I like to teach using natural materials, showing the surface of flowers and materials, and color coordination/harmony.
Do you have a preferred design style or a favorite design technique?
Y. My style is simple and minimal. I want to show a quiet world through the of use one natural material with a minimum amount of flowers.
For example: Using rock sugar, 1 or 2 orchids  and 1 leaf.
 What inspires you and your floral designs?
Y. I find inspiration in fashion, architecture and trend!
Who have been some of your greatest mentors in your floral career so far?
Y. Kazumasa Kubo(Japan), Gabriele Wagner-Kubo(Japan/Germany), and Gregor Lersch
Yuko Takagi 
With our ever-changing industry, where do you see it changing and where do you see it heading in the next 10-15 years?
Y. Talking about only in Japan.
My teachers Kazumasa and Gabriele have been introducing great German floristry and the European floral world to Japan over the past 20 years. Mr. Gregor Lersch has come to Japan so many times also, he has taught many new technique and new designs to us.
This is the point of change for the industry. 
Y. Then the next 10-15years …
Now a days almost all people use the internet, especially Facebook. We can exchange our designs and ideas so easily and quick our floral culture will be more with no border and no country so the floral design world can be more international. I really enjoy communicating with all flower lovers.
Our culture will be wider!
What are some of your favorite products to design with right now?
Y. Thin bark, Gauze, Agar Agar and Glass Grain
What have been some of your favorite event or moments to design for?
Y. Christmas/ Wedding
Yuko Takagi 
What is one of your floral career goals you hope to achieve within the next 5-10 years?
Y. I have a flower school, it runs over 15 years . I want to keep on going.  I want to see and go to more other countries, to exchange floral culture with international friends andI really must brush up my poor English. (big problem)
Thank you to Yuko for taking the time for Floral.today and all our readers! We hope Yuko has a wonderful time at the 2015 Fusion Flower Summer School in Scotland and wish all the luck as she brings beauty and education to the floral industry. Make sure to follow Yuko on social media and keep your eye out for all the amazing things she is up to.
Till Next Time,
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