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Meet and Greet The Florist Mercantile Company

 Today Floral.today is going to be bring you a quick blog sharing with you some insight about Florist Mercantile Company, it’s owners and some of their content so far. Florist Mercantile Company is also hiring, so make sure to check that part of the post out if your looking for something more to do in the industry. Then to finish it all off we are going to be ending with the design contest and giveaway information again so you don’t miss out!

Property of Florist Mercantile Company

Property of Florist Mercantile Company


As of right now Florist Mercantile Company is releasing their Made in America Shrink Wrap Decorative Vase Sleeve for the 7 1/4″x3 1/4″ cylinder vase. The Shrink Wrap Decorative Vase Sleeve is patented and has patents pending and you can expect a lot more with the development of the 36″, 48″ and 72″ On Decorative Roll Shrink Wrap for multiple sized vases and containers along with a variety of unique candles coming soon.

These Shrink Wrap Decorative Vase Sleeve are super easy to apply as you can see below and you can even combined different designs on each other to create your own unique sleeves. The other great thing about Shrink Wrap Decorative Vase Sleeve is that they have been cooler tested and heat tested so you can trust the product in all coolers and up to 180′ temperatures without the product coming off or having issues at all. The printing is done along the inside so you won’t have to worry about the sleeve tearing, rubbing off or sticking to other vases and ruining your sleeves.

These can be hand-washed and on top of all the other great things about the Shrink Wrap Decorative Vase Sleeves, there are 250 designs to choose from.

How to Apply a Shrink Wrap Decorative Vase Sleeve

The owners of Florist Mercantile Company and minds behind the Shrink Wrap Decorative Vase Sleeve are Joe Colvin and Daniel Hastings of Houston, TX. After spending 24+ years developing products for the Floral and Home and Garden Industries, Joe and Daniel were sick of the headaches and started their quest to create their own product.

One the quest of creating their own products they focused on some keys aspects to their products and that was as American-Made as possible, something specifically for the floral industry and above all a high quality product to meet the standards of what florist want. With this criteria the Shrink Wrap Decorative Vase Sleeve has been born after many long hours and we bet many different designs.

Florist Mercantile Company

Property of Florist Mercantile Company

Both Joe and Daniel have put much on the line to bring you a good quality product. With their personal finances and life tied to this product they have made sure to create you, the floral designer, a product you will want and at a quality and price that you are able to appreciate and sell easily. We have only spoken with Joe multiple time but they go out of their way to make sure their customer service is perfect and you are satisfied.

When Floral.today asked John of JR's Florist and Greenhouse out of Ball, LA 
"Could give us a short comment on the company or product" 
"Which sleeve was your favorite so far"

All he had to say was,
"Fantastic! Wonderful!"
"I don't have a favorite, all of the containers are wonderful and have a purpose."

SOme Mixed Shrink Wrap Decorative Vase Sleeves

Available Positions at Florist Mercantile Company

All inquires can contact Florist Mercantile Company on their Facebook or at their New Website!

4 Regional Directors

Multiple Reps for Each State

Also Looking For Distributors


For those that subscribe to or like any of  the Florist  Mercantile or Floral.today social media pages you will be entered into a drawing to receive either pre-wrapped Florist Mercantile Company vases and/or mixed Shrink Wrap Decorative Vase Sleeves. The winners must be located in the US or Canada. The winner will be chosen with a random picker at Random.org to keep the drawing fair.

Like or Subscribe to at least 2 of the links below to be entered to receive a prize.

Florist Mercantile Company
Youtube Channel
Facebook Page
Pinterest Page

Youtube Channel
Facebook Page


**Florist Mercantile Vase Wrap Design Contest**

Right now if you visit the Florist to Florist Facebook Group, they are hosting the Florist Mercantile Vase Wrap Design Contest with a prize of $500 dollars and 100 vase wraps. Check out all the details to enter for a chance to win the $500 dollars and those 100 Florist Mercantile Company Vase Wraps. Come show us your skills!

Check back here tomorrow when we show you our top Mother’s Day sleeves!


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