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As I sat enjoying a lovely Sunday sketching, planning and preparing for a great showing at the 2014 AIFD North Central Nature’s Creative Edge, it hit me how difficult it is to give a creation a name or a title. To try and fit all of your emotion and love for a design into only a few words is always so difficult. How do you try and express everything about a design to the world without using too many words or emotions? I find it interesting to see what others feel or find when they look at a design or its title, you never know how you will affect someone’s life or bring back certain memories or feelings.


What have some of your favorite design titles been so far? Floral.today and I would love to hear about how designers came to their final titles or what inspired their design names. We always welcome your photos along with their titles to see what is inspiring our followers and readers.


From all the shows, competitions and demonstrations that have been happening lately, here are a couple of our favorite titles and pieces designed by some of our favorite designers from all the world.

David Ragg
‘Spikey Balls’ By David Ragg Of David Ragg Florist Ltd.
Photo Property Of David Ragg.
Schaffer Designs
‘Kindinsky’s Canvas” by Bill Schaffer and Kristine Kratt of SCHAFFER DESIGNS.
Philadelphia Flower Show 2014
Photo Property of Steve Ladner.
Joe Massie
‘Coming Home’ By Joseph Massie
Singapore Garden Festival 2014
Photo Property of Joseph Massie

Whether the title is very literal, emotional or thought provoking, you can find a great many details in a title and you never know how that title will touch, inspire or make others think just because of a few simple words describing a marvelous design. At the end of all those sketches, planning and preparing, I took twice as long to discover ‘Burst’. So after all the time trying to bottle all of the wonderful emotions and beauty that my design will be, ‘Burst’ came to fruition and I hope you will all have the chance to experience that design as it comes to life. What are some of your favorite designs and design titles right now and if they don’t have a name or title, what would you call the design?

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