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Wrapping Up Valentine’s Day!


What better way to start off the week than by bringing you a new industry product, right? We have for you the new Shrink Wrap Decorative Vase Sleeves from the Florist Mercantile Company all week long for you to experience and hopeful take for a test drive!

Floral.today started off a little apprehensive with the Shrink Wrap Decorative Vase Sleeves when Joe first approached us with them but as this product has been created to entice many different types of personality and taste we and found numerous wraps that we instantly knew we had to have.

Floral.today's Top Valentine's Day Picks

Floral.today’s Top Valentine’s Day Picks


These Florist Mercantile Company wraps come in 250+ designs, will soon be able to fit most any size vase, and focuses on being American-Made. With the use of the  7 1/4″ x 3 1/4″ American-Made cylinder vase you can showcase about every kind of design you could ever think of and Florist Mercantile Company is still expanding as you read this to have more sizes available, on the roll for any size or shape projects, and even unique candles.

Valentine's Day Wraps

Some of Floral.today’s favorite Valentine’s Day Vase Wraps.

Valentine's Day Vase Wrap 'LOVE' FMC 3032

One of Floral.today’s top Valentine’s Day Vase Wrap ‘LOVE’ FMC 3032. The layered hearts give us a fluffy/pillowy feel.

Valentine's Day Vase Wrap Cluster Hearts FMC 3118

One of Floral.today’s top Valentine’s Day Vase Wrap Cluster Hearts FMC 3118. Each heart gives of a nice metallic sheen on a solid white background.

Of the whole Valentine’s Day collection we only dismissed two out of them all due to simple things such as font choice or for being to busy and in our opinion taking to much away from the overall arrangement. That said you can find so many out of the collection that our personal two we didn’t prefer shouldn’t affect the over all collection or your personal choices.

As of right now the wraps can be purchased in packs but the great thing is you can order them mixed or as a pack of one type. Here is the break down of the pricing.

(Contact Joe Colvin at Florist Mercantile Company with any questions at 830-282-9514 9-5ct or visit the Florist Mercantile Company Facebook page)

WholesaleShrink Wrap Decorative Vase Sleeves & Pre-Wrapped Vases Available 
Contact About Pricing Today!

For American Made Vase Information Contact:

Libby Glass Company - 419-325-2100
Ask for Local Distributors with the 7 1/4" x 3 1/4" Cylinder Vase.

Dollar Tree - 1-877-530-8733
-Orders can be placed in bulk
- Can be delivered to your shop or picked up in the closest store.
-Glass is of a higher quality than offered in most floral markets. (We were surprised this was true)

Florist Mercantile Company can help you in the best direction also if you have any issues. 

**Florist Mercantile Vase Wrap Design Contest**

Right now if you visit the Florist to Florist Facebook Group, they are hosting the Florist Mercantile Vase Wrap Design Contest with a prize of $500 dollars and 100 vase wraps. Check out all the details to enter for a chance to win the $500 dollars and those 100 Florist Mercantile Company Vase Wraps. Come show us your skills!


One of Floral.today’s favorite Valentine’s Day wrap RED GLITTER HEARTS FMC 3117. We love the depth of the multiple red color hearts alone and then even more with the sparkle.


Free Spirit Roses, Red Tree Fern, Steel Grass, Small Monstera Leaves in one of Floral.todays favorite Vase Wraps, RED GLITTER HEARTS FMC 3117.

Also make sure you check our youtube video to see Floral.today wrap their own vase and show you how easy this product is to use!


For those that subscribe to or like any of  the Florist  Mercantile or Floral.today Social Media Pages you will be entered into a drawing to receive either pre-wrapped Florist Mercantile Company vases and/or mixed Shrink Wrap Decorative Vase Sleeves. The winners must be located in the US or Canada. The winner will be chosen with a random picker at Random.org to keep the drawing fair.

Like or Subscribe to at least 2 of the links below to be entered to receive a prize.

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Youtube Channel
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Check back here tomorrow to get to know the Florist Mercantile Company and it’s owner a bit better and see some of the Shrink Wrap Decorative Vase Sleeves collections and sets that they offer. We will also have Mother’s Day Vase Wraps on Wednesday and our Must Have at All Time! Shrink Wrap Decorative Vase Sleeves for #FloralFriday. So share with us and Florist Mercantile Company what you think of these wraps and remember to tell us when you try these great wraps out.

See you tomorrow,



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