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Baudouin Roelants : Featured Designer

If you haven’t found your way to being a Facebook friend with the lovely Baudouin Roelants yet, you are missing out. Baudouin is one of those people that always has a kind word, a funny post or hilarious interactions with other people. Floral.today got our first glimpse of Baudouin on the Fusion Flowers Magazine‘s social media presence who was the tudor for their 2012 Fusion Flowers Magazine Summer School. His designs are beautiful and so is how he treats those around him.


We had the pleasure of doing a quick interview with him after his show at the 2014 AIFD Symposium a few weeks ago, so go make sure to check that out as we will have the link below after you enjoy some photo’s from our 2014 AIFD Symposium experience with the wonderful Mr. Roelants.


Part Of Baudouin’s Team And Volunteers


Team Member Securing Grass

Paper Bouquet

Baudouin Creating a Bouquet With Paper and Fresh Floral


Baudouin and Husband David Showing Off Finished Bouquets


Nelson Hiltner Knotting Raffia To A Cylinder


Braided Raffia, Fresh Wheat, Orange Vanda Orchids


Raffia Tubes, David Austin Roses, Scabiosa, Peach Hypericum, Accent Decor ‘Jardine Planter’

On Stage

De-Petaled Sunflowers, Raffia Tubes, Hanging Amaranthus, Accent Decor ‘Newport Bowl’, Accent Decor ‘Recycled Teak Wood Pillar’

Finished Cylinders

Raffia Knotted, Yellow Vanda Orchids, Not Sure About The Pods, Clear Cylinder, Accent Decor ‘Recycled Teak Wood Pillar’


-White Larkspur, Stripped Green Stems with Green Discs Attached, Green Button Mums, Queen Anne’s Lace, White Paper Discs, Accent Decor ‘Guru Vase’, Accent Decor ‘Newport Table’ -Wood Base, Raffia, White Roses, Green Hanging Amaranthus, De-Petaled Sunflowers


White Paper Discs, Green Button Mums, Stripped Greens Stem with Green Discs Attached, White Larkspur, Queen Anne’s Lace, Accent Decor ‘Guru Vase’


David Austin Roses, Scabiosa Pods, Peach Hypericum, Raffia Tubing, Accent Decor ‘Jardin Planter’

Pictures Property of: Baudouin Roelants, David Dewel, and Cres Motzi AIFD

Baudouin’s ‘Transformation of Functions’ at the 2014 AIFD Symposium was absolute beauty, simplicity and impact. From ballet dancers with bridal bouquets, to all the raffia detailing, he kept you thirsting for more the whole time. We appreciate Baudouin taking the time to do an interview for Floral.today at symposium and you can find it HERE. We look forward to seeing Baudouin and his charming husband David again hopefully in Belgium! Thank you to Baudouin, his husband and all the volunteers and team members that created such an amazing show. Go check out Baudouin’s Facebook and Website to see even more from his show and other works. He loves cats and cat jokes, so make sure to show him your best on Facebook.

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