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AIFD Preppers: “Blooms Over Chicago”

What is ‘Blooms Over Chicago’ and how can I get Involved? Well lucky you asked because the lovely Stacey Carlton AIFD, CFD, Blooms Over Chicago Chairperson, has just the answer for you. Check out the article on behalf of the American Institute of Floral Designers and the radiant Mrs. Carlton and then see how you can get involved! For all the other area’s involving volunteering at the AIFD Symposium contact Volunteer Coordinator Co-Chairs Laura Parker AIFD (laura_parker821@yahoo.com) or Carolyn Clark Kurek AIFD (coralcay2@aol.com) with any of your questions.


Floral Designers to Spread Cheer in Chicago
BALTIMORE (July 2014) – Eye catching hand-tied floral bouquets, uplifting floral arrangements, and smiles that only flowers can create. This is what certain residents and visitors to Chicago will experience when the American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) rolls into town July 3-7 for their 2014 National Symposium “Transition Transformation” taking place at the Hilton Chicago. As part of this event, members and volunteers of the floral industry’s leading non- profit organization dedicated to the art of floral design will be spreading floral cheer through AIFD’s public service event “Blooms Over Chicago.”

Starting on July 5 and ongoing until the end of Symposium, numerous volunteers will be working hard to spread as much floral cheer through Chicago as they can. On Saturday, July 5, at both Columbia College Chicago and Cloud Gate in Millennium Park, AIFD volunteers will host a “pedestrian pop-up bouquet giveaway.” This event will feature designers distributing hand-tied floral bouquets to pedestrians. The bouquets will each have a #blooms sticker adorned to them to encourage sharing photos of them on social media. On July 6 and 7, volunteers will head to the Ronald McDonald House and the Unity Hospice to set up beautiful floral arrangements throughout the respective locations and hand out bouquets to employees, staff and patients.

“We are taking a unique approach with this project this year,” explained Stacey Carlton AIFD, CFD, Blooms Over Chicago chairperson. “We wanted to warm each space up and showcase AIFD's design talents with some beautifully crafted custom arrangements. We also wanted to spread some cheer in the form of bouquets for the hardworking employees and staff and for the patients,” she said.

The Blooms Over program is an event that is held during the AIFD Symposium, an annual event where floral designers from all over the world gather to share the latest trends in floral design. Symposium features floral design education programs presented by industry experts, networking events and exclusive social events. Registration is open to all floral industry professionals. More information, including registration, is available at http://aifd.org/upcoming-events/2014symposium/.

If you are looking to get involved make sure to contact Stacey or the Volunteer Coordinators with all your questions and to sign up. If you are not a designer attending the AIFD Symposium make sure to go and get yourself or a loved one something floral and special, individually crafted by some of the top professional designers in the United States. Floral.today hopes that designers and pedestrians alike will go and support this awesome public awareness.

We can’t wait for the last few days to click by till we see all of you at the 2014 AIFD Symposium,


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