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Other Great 2014 World Floral Expo Finds

Here are some of the other great companies and florals from the 2014 World Floral Expo in Chicago, IL.


One of the most important aspects of floral design is proper care and handling and Chrysal was on hand this year showcasing a great variety of products from water conditioners to their Arrive Alive loose bouquet packaging. You can always check out their website for care and handling tips and tricks.


Mimi Martinez from Chrysal Americas was on hand to show off all the great care and handling products Chrysal has on the market.


It was also great to stop and meet the lovely Jeanne Wessar, who operates the local farm for Blooming of Beloit out of Beloit, Wisconsin. We had a great conversation about her beautiful dark purple lilacs with white tips, as well as about farming and purchasing from local farms along with international farms. Sometimes we get so excited about what’s outside the USA that we forget about all the beautiful things available right in our backyard.


Farmer Jeanne Wessar representing her farm along with the other product available through Blooming of Beloit.

One of the most amazing displays of color and product variety hands down would have to be Jet Fresh Flower Distributors with the vast colors of gerber daisies, roses and the very unique natural pink large calla lilies. Jet Fresh Floral Distributors also had the very new to the market naturally preserved roses, which very few suppliers have available as of yet. Along with the super color collection, they also had the always beautiful 120cm Freedom Standard Rose which is available in a few other colors.

The Pyramid of all fresh gerber daisies and roses. Also on this pyramid are boxes of standard and spray preserved roses in a variety of colors.



20cm Freedom Standard Rose available through Jet Fresh Flower Distributor, because “Size Matters”.


As an experience, there are few Expos such as this that offer personal time with farms. As they start to get the plans together for next year’s Expo, will be keeping our eyes peeled for all the details, and will have them here for you, so you can make sure to save the date for the 2015 World Floral Expo.




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