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We have just the treat for all of our viewers. Over the next few months we will be bring you each of the 2014 Mayesh Design Stars. Floral.today is going to start off all the fun with our lone male finalist, Mr. Tony Medlock AAF, AIFD, PFCI out of Phenix, Arizona. Mr. Medlock will be releasing the 2014 Design Star Videos for this month (April), July and October. Full views count towards his final counts, so make sure to check out the link that we will have posted on the bottom of Mr. Medlock’s interview!


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Tony is the owner of Pjs Flowers & Events, a brick and mortar florist in Phoenix, Arizona. Three of his hobbies when he’s not designing are hanging out with his grandkids, cooking and Disneyland. Tony made sure to tell floral.today “Goofy is the greatest dog in the world! Don’t tell my white German Shepard I said that! LOL”.  Let’s learn a little more about this fun designer.



How many years have you been in the industry?
T. Bought the flower shop in November 96 and thought I would go get a “Real Job” after I took 6 months to figure out the flower business and make the shop profitable. LOL
After close to 20 years of owning and designing at PJ’s Flowers & Gifts, how have seen the industry changing the last 5-10 years and what do you see in the next 10-15 years?
T. The past 10 years have been a roller coaster! When the economy took a downturn half the flower shops closed. In Phoenix there were several Event Companies that came to Phoenix at that time, which had a great effect on the market.
T. I see the next 5-10 years being crucial for retail florists who will have to provide a higher caliber of design and understand you can’t be everything to everyone. Find what you like to do, or do well and put most of your marketing budget and focus towards that. That will continue to separate florist floral artistry from the mass market.

Phoenix Art Museum

Give us a feel of what you have been up to so far as a 2014 Mayesh Design Star Finalist. What have you had to do so far and what does the whole competition required you to do? What do you hope to take away from this experience?
T. I went to LA and shot all 3 videos, April, July and October last fall. Then Mayesh asked me to do a presentation for the grand opening of the Oxnard location which opened in November. That is really all that I have done so far. In regards to the takeaway for me, just able to use some of the things or come up with their own twist on a trip and show it to others. Just want to raise the bar of creative floristry in the US.


When were you inducted into the American Institute of Floral Design? What advice do you have for designers preparing for the PFDE or thinking about the PFDE in the future?
T. I was inducted into the AIFD in 2000. I tell anyone that is preparing for PFDE they should contact an AIFD member and see if you can spend a day working with them. I have 3 florists that will be spending a date with me in the spring. Most importantly, just do what you do, don’t try a new design if you are not familiar with it. Show what you do.
As a business owner what are 3 qualities you look for in an employee or designer?
T. Art background: I don’t look for floral experience with a designer, but if someone has a background in any art form they usually will excel in floral design as well. A hard worker with passion, we certainly don’t do this to get rich, people with passion do well as floral artists. Flexibility: I have worked freelance for several companies and done design programs across the country. You have to be flexible.


What are a couple goals your working toward right now?
T. We are focusing more on weddings and special events. I love to spend time with my grandkids, so with any time off I spend it with them.

VIP Arrangement for Restaurant in Scottsdale

With so many outlets for designers in our industry what are some of your passions when it comes to the industry?
T. I’m very passionate about education, you never stop learning. I enjoy architecture and contemporary art. That’s what inspires me. When a stem of a flower bends in an unusual way I love that! I will create a design around and focusing that one stem that most people cut off and throw away.
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and what would you do?
T. Europe and study with all the European Master Designers.
Tony Medlocks 2014 Mayesh Design Star Video Dates
Remember you must watch the whole the video for your views to count towards his votes.

May 2014 Mayesh Design Star Video Pave' Techniques with Tony Medlock AIFD 
Tony Medlock AIFD 2014 May MDS Video

Watch for Tony’s July and October 2014 Mayesh Design Star Video’s 


It was great meeting such an incredible person such as Tony, and we look forward to all that he has coming to the floral industry in the near future. Make sure to go check out Pave’ Techniques with Tony Medlock AIFD and show your support for him in his quest to be the 2014 Mayesh Design Star. Thank you Tony for such a great interview, and floral.today wishes you great luck in this competition.  Make sure to stay tuned to floral.today on facebook and twitter as we will be bringing you more coverage of the 2014 Mayesh Design Star competition.


 Till next time,


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