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What Do You Think Of The 2014 Mayesh Design Star Finalists?

This year Mayesh Wholesale Florist shook up their Design Star Competition a bit by having 3 Finalists duke it out in for the 2015 Mayesh Design Star Title. The 2014 Finalists vying for the 2015 Mayesh Design Star Crown are Patience Pickner AIFD, PFCI, Beth O’Reilly AIFD, TMF, and last but not least Tony Medlock AAF, AIFD, PFCI. All three have seen great success and have been educating the industry for multiple years, so this is gearing up to be a tight race.


The name of the game is each designer is given three different months for which they have to produce an outstanding floral video featuring Mayesh Awesome BlossomsOASIS® Floral Products/Floralife Products, and Syndicate Sales products and containing some fun design skills, educational value, and over-all great design. How they are judged is by how many views each of their videos get, which means you should watch the whole video through if you really want to vote and show your support, also make sure to like the video. Always share the designer’s videos on your social media and help them get those views to win.


Just for being finalists, the designers have already won a great prize. All of the finalists were flown out to Los Angeles for three days and two nights to film their three Design Star Videos along with a prize package worth $1000, full of goodies from Mayesh Wholesale FloristOASIS® Floral, and Syndicate Sales. The grand prize winner will receive, along with the title of 2015 Mayesh Design Star, a Floral Industry Trip valued at $4000, A bio page on mayesh.com, and social media promotion. Sounds amazing, right?  Make sure to go watch the videos and root for you favorite to win.


Ever designer is not the same in this industry ,so each 2014 Mayesh Design Star Finalist brings many different skills, knowledge, and experience to the playing field. So enjoy each of the designer’s videos and make sure to tell us on floral.today’s facebook what you thought of each video. Did it blow your mind or leave you lukewarm? Did you learn something new or did they leave you hungry for more?

Patience Pickner AIFD, PFCI - The Picket Fence & The Other Side Of The Fence
Chamberlain, South Dakota
Patience has already brought us the 2014 Mayesh Design Star February Video and we can look forward to her videos in May and August. Check back with us in May when we will be bringing you floral.today’s interview with the ever exuberant Patience Pickner AIFD, PFCI.
You can fall in love with Patience’s March Design Star Video.
Floral Perspective: Valentine’s Day Roses with Patience Pickner AIFD, PFCI
Here is also Patience’s submission that made her a finalist!
Patience Pickner AIFD, PFCI Mayesh Design Star Entry 2014
Beth O'Reilly AIFD, TMF - Freelance Designer & Product Developer
Austin, Texas
Beth brought us dipped in gold back in March and we will be seeing more of her in June and September. So watch out for our interview with the captivating Beth O’Reilly AIFD, TMF in June.
You can click on the link to be dipped in gold by Beth’s March Design Star Video.
Floral Perspective: Dipped in Gold with Beth O’Reilly AIFD
Check out the Beth’s submission to be a finalist!
Beth O’Reilly AIFD Designs a Living Picture for Mayesh Design Star 2014
Tony Medlock AAF, AIFD, PFCI - Pj's Flowers and Events
Phenix, Arizona
Floral.today got to catch up with Tony Medlock AAF, AIFD, PFCI this month in our Designer Feature area and it was wonderful getting to know Tony. Other than April, you can look out for Tony to be bring you the July and October Design Star Videos.
Let Tony teach you how to pave’ that foam away!
Floral Perspective: Pave´ Tricks With Tony Medlock AAF, AIFD, PFCI
Check out what Tony designed to become a finalist!
Tony Medlock – Mayesh Design Star
Floral.today wishes all the 2014 Mayesh Design Star Finalists good luck in the competition, and after as you are all stars to our industry. We hope you love them all, but at the very least make sure to support one of them to help them towards the goal of being the 2015 Mayesh Design Star. What would the Mayesh Design Star Competition be with out the great companies that support it? Nothing, so thank you to Mayesh Wholesale Florist, Syndicate Sales, and OASIS® Floral /Floralife for supporting these great designers and striving for a better future for our industry.
Until next week, 
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