Floral Friday!

Floral Design Foraging While Isolated!

Yes, we are isolated during this pandemic but we see it as the perfect time for growth and personal development. With so many designers offering free or easy access floral education, there is no reason to not be learning new skills and being inspired within the world of floral design right now!

While there are so many amazing designers teaching and educating, Matt and I decided to just be a place to hangout together to chat and enjoy designing for fun. You can find us live on the Floral.Today facebook page on #floralfriday chatting on different topics and our very first facebook live took us to foraging while isolated.

Matt’s Lobby Table Design

Foraged Materials:
~ White Daffodils
~ Saucer Magnolia
~ White Star Magnolia
~ Budding Branches

Home availability:
~ Stainless Steel Zip Ties
~ 18″ Metal Hoop
~ OASIS Silver Flat Wire
~ OASIS 8″ Wire Armature
~ Accent Decor Astrid Pot

Garrett’s Garden Wall Mount Design

Created by Garrett Skupinski Cf / Floral.today

Foraged Materials:
~ Dried Strelitzia Foliage
~ Drift Wood
~ Magnolia Branches
~ Oak Branch
~ Xerographica

Home availability:
~ OASIS Natural Bind Wire
~ OASIS Green Bind Wire
~ Mibro King Cord, Medium Cotton
~ Design Master Color Tool, 792 Robin’s Egg
~ Design Master Color Tool, 747 French Blue

While social distancing Matt was able to forage his products from a large local park and nearby abandoned home properties. His design was created as an entry lobby design for his modern industrial complex. Matt was able to create a very textural, spring focused design with great result.

Garrett was a bit more isolated and foraged products from his surrounding apartment complex and personal garden. The design was created as a dried/drying wall mount that transitioned from inside into the garden. His design is able to completely dry while outside and last with minimal maintenance.

We welcome you to join us next #floralfriday for a relaxed place to chill, socialize
and enjoy designing with us.
Till next time,


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