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Master Designer Martin Groen Brings Beauty to the 2014 World Floral Expo

Martin Groen is a man of many hats, he is a Dutch champion,  International demonstrator, international teacher and international judge. That would would easily tell us why him and his team of talented Dutch designers brought such amazing design to the 2014 World Floral Expo. We attended the thursday demonstration but Martin and his team did 3 days with three shows each day. Starting off on Wednesday with table designs & hand tied bouquets, then moving on to wedding bouquets and special events on Thursday, and finishing off Friday with easter/spring and business designs.

We were able to catch the noon show on thursday and it was amazing. Martin started the show creating a cascade bouquet of White standard Roses, Dianthus ‘Green Trick’, Fresh and Stripped Ivy, and then accented with threaded Green Hypericum, Wired Feathers, and Threaded Silver Leucadendron argenteum(silver tree) Foliage. Martin created a simple and quick hand-tied from a fresh Ivy collar, then Roses, and Dianthus and  used the stripped ivy, feathers, threaded hypericum, and threaded silver tree to create the beautiful cascade. Simple, quick, impacting. 


The Cascade Stars To Take Shape With The Addition Of The Wired Feathers.



A Beautiful Finished Design After The Application Of The Threaded Fresh Product And The Wired Feathers.


The second bouquet created by Jaap Wisse was a quick and simple crescent shape bouquet. Jaap’s bouquet consisted of a base of light blue hydrangeas, then an of white mini calla lilies and bear grass to create the small crescent shape. Then after the shape was established Jaap added white roses, white gypsophila, lavender static, and green hypericum. Once to this point he added wired foam pieces, feathers and a collar finish of wired foam strips and eucalyptus. Texture, speed and simplicity.


Jaap Starting With A Base Of Hydrangea And Creating The Crescent Shape With His Mini Callas.


Martin took the stage for the third bouquet to show you can take a simple bouquet and make it something special with a just as simple interesting detail. The bouquet consisted of extra long white mini calla lilies with 2 taped bind points. Martin then took a red ti lead, spliced it and used the ti leaf to cover his bind points. Once the Ti Leafs where secured he wrapped the Ti Leaf with a thin wired roping to finish it off. Simple, unique and clean.


Martin Preparing His Extra Long Mini Calla Lilies For His All Calla Lily Bouquet.



Martin Covering His Mechanics With Red Ti-Leaves.



The Finishing Touch Of Wired White Roping Being Added To Complete The Design.


The final bouquet of the demonstration was created by Jaap and it was to be a very clean, unique all around cascade bouquet. Jaap started building his bouquet into a pre-made wire collar with white hydrangea. Once his base was started with the white hydrangea he added in white roses, white gerber daisies and picked succulents to create a hand-tied bouquet. Once finished he added a touch of foam to the bouquet and then created his all around cascade with wired foam and fresh ivy. The wire collar kept the cascading elements from tangling or rest to close to the hand. Clean, quick, unique.


Jaap Starting With A Wire Collar And Then A White And Green Hand-Tied.



Fresh Ivy Was Then Added To The Collar To Start The All Around Cascade.



The Final Design Is Very Clean And Very Unique With The Final Addition Of The Cascading Ivy and Wired Foam.


That concludes our adventure to the 2014 World Floral Expo. We can’t wait to see what HPP Exhibitions has for us next year at the 2015 World Floral Expo! Thank you Martin and his team for a beautiful demonstration and all of you for reading about our adventure to this amazing expo. Make sure to keep watching here for all the exciting interviews and stories we have in store for you.




Fresh Arrangement Created By Martin And His Team


Fresh Arrangement Created By Martin And His Team


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