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David Kesler AIFD, PFCI, FDI – Floral Design Institute

From business to design David Kesler AIFD, PFCI, FDI of the Floral Design Institute is here for you! Some of the topics David is known for at the Floral Design Institute range from marketing and business to advance design skills and techniques. Just like his wife, Leanne Kesler AIFD, PFCI, FDI, David hosts a large variety of knowledge and extensive experience from years of involvement in our industry, so you know your in for a one of a kind learning adventure.

Floral Design Institute Director – David Kesler AIFD, PFCI, FDI

Floral Design Institute Director – David Kesler AIFD, PFCI, FDI


What defines a Floral Design Institute educator?

Floral Design Institute Instructors are talented and experienced in Floral Design. They are skilled in teaching methods and understanding of differing learning styles. Most importantly they are humble in their abilities, compassionate and able to encourage students to achieve the highest level of their abilities.

What has been one of the most interesting floral topics you have taught so far in your career?

The Floral Entrepreneurs’ Weekend; sixteen hours of the business of flowers, strategy, planning, site location, marketing, and finance, covering everything from cash flow spreadsheets to website design. It is such a joy to see the excitement, the entrepreneurial energy and the amazing new business ideas. We are going to see wonderful new floral businesses in the coming decade.

Do you have a philosophy when it comes to floral education?

You do not have to be a great designer to be a great teacher, but you must be a great teacher, “good-enough” is a disservice to the student. The ability to teach is both a gift and a burden of responsibility. Those who teach must first be insatiable students.

With our ever-changing industry, where do you see floral education heading in the next 10-15 years?

I see an increased importance placed on a strong foundation of floral design education. There will be an intensified value and demand for Floral Design Certification from premier schools offering substantive training. Training will remain hands-on, but will be primarily online / digital and much faster paced.

What floral topics do you think are over taught or not taught enough in the floral industry?

Over-taught; cookie-cutter, formulaic, design demonstrations

Under-taught; floral design basics, theory, mechanics & engineering, techniques, care & handling.

What difficulties do floral institutes face that floral shops and companies don’t face?

The easy answer is “governmental regulations”. However, I also believe that schools need to be licensed and regulated. There needs to be guidelines and accountability. But, less paperwork would be nice.

What advice do you have for designers looking to become a floral educator or presenter?

You must love to teach more than you love to design. You must want to share more than you want to create. You must learn to design and speak at the same time, and you must be humble.

What do you think are some of the top floral educational advancements that have helped progress the industry?

No question, technology. The ability to instantly create, share and critique anywhere in the world.

How do you believe the US could increase its industry awareness to attract younger designers?

Be nice to new designers; encourage, promote and celebrate them. And yes, a living wage is important.

In your personal opinion what are some of the shortcomings in floral education that the industry should strive towards working on?

Too many in the industry are clinging to the status quo. We must seek out, welcome and embrace change.

Floral Design Institute Instructors

Floral Design Institute Instructors

Floral Design Institute

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Thank you to David for taking the time for Floral.today and Education Month! We look forward to seeing David and the Floral Design Institute at this years AIFD Symposium Partners Expo, July 1st!

Join us tomorrow for the rest of the amazing Floral Design Institute Team,


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