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Chapel Designers To Bloom In London

For the first time ever, the Chapel Designers and Holly Heider Chapple will be making their way to London, UK, April 13-15, 2015 for the London Chapel Designers Conference Cohosted by Nick Priestly.

Hands on Design Day at the New York City conference 2014

Hands on Design Day at the New York City conference 2014 (Photo Property of Holly Heider Chapple)

Nick Priestly is the owner of Mood Flowers located in Glasgow, Scotland and the Cohost of this years London Chapel Designers Conference. Floral.today first met Nick at the 2013 Fusion Flowers Magazine summer school in Kippen, Scotland where we got to see Nicks passion for learning and floral education. We were more than excited when Nick reached out to us to tell us about this wonderful event. With Nick being so excited to co-host the London Chapel Designers Conference, he was more than accommodating when helping us get to know this group and event a bit better.

Nick Priestley - London Chapel Designers Co-Host

Nick Priestley – London Chapel Designers Co-Host

Who are the Chapel Designers and how long has it been running?

Chapel Designers was established in 2011. Holly Heider Chapple asked other fellow florists through social media “Who wants to meet me in New York?”. Florists from all over the USA responded and the first Chapel Designers conference was born. New York will celebrate its fifth year this year.

 How did you get involved with the Chapel Designers and specifically the London Chapel Designers Conference?

I connected with Holly through Amy McGee of Botanical Brouhaha about 18 months ago. Somewhere down the line I came up with this crazy plan that involved me flying halfway round the world to spend three days in New York with 60 (mainly US) florists I had never met before. It was an incredible three days. I have never felt so welcomed before. The key note speakers were inspirational, generous and uplifting. The experience made me rethink my relationship with flowers and the way I run my business. It was the best investment of time and money I have ever made. I approached Holly and asked her to bring her knowledge and more importantly her conference to Europe. We agreed to co-host the first European Chapel Designers conference in London in April this year.

Gathering of Chapel Designers on day one of the New York City conference 2014

Gathering of Chapel Designers on day one of the New York City conference 2014 (Photo Property of Holly Heider Chapple)

What are some of the benefits that you hope designers will take away from this experience?

At the London conference we hope to educate, inspire, motivate and provide ongoing support to wedding and event florists who may be working alone or be the sole owner of their business with a team of employees. Chapel Designers is a safe place where we can ask for help and guidance to elevate our businesses and grow ourselves as florists.

What can designers expect to learn or what is the main educational focus for the event?

We have brought together a group of amazing speakers and teachers for the London conference. Holly will bring some of her magic and help designers who attend learn how to create wedding flowers with the “hollyish” trademark.

Rona Wheeldon from Flowerona will conduct a social media workshop and the likes of Robbie Honey, Simon Lycett, Susanne Hatwood (The Blue Carrot), Jo Rodwell (Jo Flowers) and myself will conduct master classes and hands on design workshops.

In addition we will spend time at New Covent Garden Flower Market for a tour, presentations from some of the market’s most loved characters, as well as a workshop all about British flowers.

 Bridal bouquet by Holly Heider Chapple

Bridal bouquet by Holly Heider Chapple (Photo Property of Holly Heider Chapple)

Is the event open to all designers or only select industry professionals?

The event is open to all floral designers and indeed anyone with an interest in wedding and event flowers e.g. wedding planners, freelancers or employees. However to become an official Chapel Designer you must have a floral design business, a web presence (active website and Facebook business page required) and be the principle of the floral design company.

Is the London Chapel Designers Event focused towards all educated levels of designers?

Yes, all the current Chapel Designers around the world are at different stages and sizes of their business.

What are you most excited for to happen at this year’s event?

I can’t wait to share the Chapel Designers experience with other UK and European designers. It is so exciting when a group of creative individuals come together. I am looking forward to seeing the work we will create together and the conversations we will have.

Holly Heider Chapple, founder of the Chapel Designers

Holly Heider Chapple, founder of the Chapel Designers (Photo Property of Holly Heider Chapple)

What are some of the top achievements of Chapel Designers so far?

Chapel Designers in the US are leading the way in the industry. Four of the designers including Holly Heider Chapple have just been recognized by Martha Stewart as being the best floral designers in the country. Last year a group of Chapel Designers created all the wedding flowers for The Knot Dream Wedding.

As we build the group in the UK we hope that similar recognition and opportunities will come our way.

Where are the best places for interested designers to follow you and the Chapel Designers?
To sign up for the conference, go to:

Event Link

You can follow the activities of our founder at:

Holly Heider Chapple

The Chapel Designers have their own website, facebook page and Instagram account:

Chapel Designers Website

Chapel Designers Facebook

Chapel Designers Instagram

Wedding ceremony installation by Holly Heider Chapple

Wedding ceremony installation by Holly Heider Chapple (Photo Property of Holly Heider Chapple)

You can check out all the events and the group over all at www.chapeldesigners.com to see when Amazing opportunities such as this may be coming to your area.


Thank you to Nick and Chapel Designers for letting Floral.today and it’s viewers into a little bit of their world. Best of luck with this talent packed event and best wishes for a super successful conference.

Till Next Time,


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