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A Logo’s Strength

As one of the very first things a consumer or industry colleague sees when looking at your social media, business materials and even in some cases your company sign, your logo is one of the most important first impressions that could set the mood for the future you may have with said consumer and industry colleagues.


Font, color and over all style are major impactors on what the world sees your company as. Are you a high style boutique, a couture events company, a simple country shop, or even a modern freelancer? Make sure your logo is made to sell to whom your consumer is or who you are looking to target yourself towards.


We have gathered a few logos that we here at Floral.today like in the floral industry and they are as different as the businesses they belong to. From small town to big city these three logo’s show good color use, impacting fonts and are used to create interest and a strong symbol of their business.

Enjoy and make to share with us and these companies what you think is important in a logo and why.
Tracy Park
Park Place Designs
Battle Creek, Michigan

Tracy Park
Great use of a analogous color harmony of pinks and peaches. Creating the framing around the business name with the antlers makes it important without needing any type of special font. Simple clean and though it has soft colors, this is very in your face and attention grabbing. What do you think of Tracy's logo?


Becky Klein AIFD
Poppy Design Studio
Columbia, Illinois

Poppy 2What we enjoy about Becky's logo and branding as a whole is that she embodies the poppy to a beautiful extreme. We enjoy how the logo has the antique poppy in the corner just there enough to notice for interest and to reinforce the name. The use of the rougher calligraphy against the less unique font and the lowercase verses capital letters creates an importance to both places while giving us a nice cohesion to the name of the business. Unlike above, the simple touches of color gives you some interest but doesn't have any real importance other than aesthetics. Wonderful logo combining old world poppies with unique fonts, what do you think of this logo?


Mandy Majerik AIFD, PFCI
Hothouse Design Studio
Birmingham, Alabama

HothouseAll Black and all one font getting straight to the point and we enjoy this logo for it. We think the capital 'h' exudes power and gets your attention and makes you want to read what comes after it. Though this logo seems very simple, we here at floral.today thinks it's daring and shows Mandy has a confidence in herself, her team and her product. This logo shows us that you don't need any colors or fonts screaming for attention if you have a well chosen simple font and create a focal to grasp that attention. Bravo to Mandy for such a simple but strong logo, what do you think of the black and white look?

Thank you to all three of these wonderful ladies as it takes guts to give a thing so important to you and your business up to the industry to judge, be inspired by and draw inspiration from. Make sure to go follow them on social media to show your support to your fellow floral designers. Share with us your thoughts on logos and also share with us your logos. 
Till Monday,




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