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AIFD Preppers : PFDE Tools

Though those of us that are taking on the AIFD Professional Floral Design Evaluation this coming Tuesday have been informed multiple times on what tools are allowed, there are still some of us that are confused. So join floral.today as we pack our tools according to the AIFD Guidelines so there can be no question. We will also enlighten you on what we have been told pertaining to music in the testing area so stay tuned for that.



First we have started off by identifying our tools. We use nail polish some part of our tool that is very obvious and is very clear to see. 

Here are few other ways other's mark their tools:

- Writing your name or initials with permanent marker
- Adding a ribbon or pipe cleaner
- A full set of one particular color
- Painting the tips or ends a distinct color as we have done.

What is allowed according to the rules:

- Floral Knife
- Pruner
- Ribbon Shears/Scissors
- Wire Cutter
- Needle Nose Plier


1 Scissor, 1 Pruner, 1 Wire Cutter, 1 Jewelry Plier, 1 Floral Knife


Some objects of debate or questioned have been:

- Towel
- Music Players (Ipods, Phones, MP3s)
- Glue
- Extra Water
- Extra Foam

Here are the answers I've received, if you question it than avoid it since it isn't on the list. However here are some suggestions to cover some of the none products on the list. It was suggested to us to wear an old sweatshirt as it may be cold and if you spill water and towels are not allowed, you can clean up any spilled water off your table. Other than creating your five professionally executed designs you are expected to have an immaculate table when the time is called.

On the topic of music we music players, Ipods and MP3 players, are only allowed if they have no camera's or communication compatibility. So if it plays music and only music than you should be fine. We will be using a Ipod Nano 6th Generation that has music and a timer. Our Ipod will be held in a Hex rubber watch band that keeps it on my wrist and everything out of my way while I design. These can both be found on amazon.com and multiple other electronic sites. There is also the newer Ipod nano and shuffle available at all apple stores.

Ipod Nano 6th Generation In HEX Watch Band (Headphones not shown but they do go into the side of the watch to listen to timers and music.

For all those with questions of extra foam water or access to glue pans or extra glue.  There will never be any guarantee that there will be extra anything. Plan accordingly so you have clean water to the side, and plan your foam ahead of time so you know what you will have for backup just incase of any issues. 

How We Will Be Packing Our Tools
ApronApron rolled out completely
Tools placed into pockets
Start Rolling It All Up
Tie It All Off With One Of The Cords

This can fit easily into any gap in your suitcase. Along with this, if your flying, place a letter stating that your attending the American Institute of Floral Designers National Symposium and these tools are for your national certification exam on top of your tools so that if it’s stopped by security after being checked-in they can better understand why you are traveling with tools. You will have a better chance of not having you tools getting taken away or your luggage missing when you arrive.


This is what we will be taking to the Examination Check-In area to be approved before the exam.


1 Ipod Nano in Hex Watch Band (Headphones Not Shown), 1 Sweatshirt, 1 Floral Knife, 1 Jewelry Plier, 1 Wire Cutter, 1 Pruner, 1 Scissor


Be prepared for anything so that any design can be altered in the blink of an eye, if a vase breaks, or stems break, your foam falls apart or a different design falls and is damaged you are ready for it. Try and keep a level head as it will be easy to loose yourself and your time along with it. If at anytime anything happens, step back from your table take a deep breath, count to ten and get back to work. Just don’t stop and above everything, don’t you dare give up until that time is called because you never what greatness can still happen. Floral.today is excited for all the of the designers taking the step to further their career. It takes a lot of confidence and personal education to take the AIFD PFDE so we wish you all luck and hope you achieve all that you set out for in your career.

We look forward to seeing everybody,


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