A Mayesh and Pantone kind of week!

For those living under a rock you may have missed the fantastic new Mayesh Wholesale Florist logo that was just released and the announcement of Beth O’Reilly AIFD becoming the new Mayesh Design Star for 2015. Also happening this week was the announcement of the 2015 Color of the Year, Marsala, by Pantone.


We are starting off today with a big congrats to Mayesh Wholesale Florist on their new logo as we were just looking at what makes a good logo and you can see that Mayesh has a new simple and clean logo. We here at floral.today like that it’s not immediately over modern but not a standard traditional. We have seen this look before with the Certified Florist program logo, but Mayesh Wholesale Florist has a simpler look focusing on the name of their company and their establishment year of 1978. We bid farewell to their old flag background with just their name and open the doors to this simple and refreshing new logo! Go read about all the details of their new logo at this LINK!


Image property of Mayesh Wholesale Florist.


Next for this week we have the new 2015 Mayesh Design Star, Beth O’Reilly and her interview with her good friend and past mentor/boss Coby Neal. We got to get to know Beth in her Floral.today interview and now even more in this video! Go watch the video and show your support for your 2015 Mayesh Design Star!


Last but not least the 2015 Pantone Color of the Year was announced and it is going to be Marsala! What do you think of this shade of red? Pantone shows us glasses of wine, pomegranate seeds, rich burgundy pillows, and cranberry fabrics. What are your feelings about Marsala and how do you see it doing in the floral industry? At first we were a little let down, but the more we see of the color and its uses, the more we are falling in love with it.

Pantone 2015

Image property of Pantone.

Check back here tomorrow when we bring you industry professional personal thoughts about the 2015 Color of the Year, Marsala!


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