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Want, Love, Try in October

Happy Monday floral.today viewers! Today I am showing you some industry products, techniques and designs I want to try, I just want or I’m utterly in love with at the moment. At the end of the post, tell us about the industry products, techniques or designs that have you wanting, loving and trying.

Let's start it off with my Wants!

Illinois WIllow Wreath

Photo property of Illinois Willows

Illinois Willows - Fresh Rose Hip Wreath

I love all of their willow varieties, so why wouldn't I want a hand crafted Fresh Rose Hip Wreath. Kent Miles of Illinois Willows runs an amazing farm and can help you with almost every kind of willow available and really unique creations such as this and much more. Make sure to contact Kent at Illinois Willow for all his pricing to get yourself one of a kind wreaths and products.
Accent Decor Wool Fabric

Photo property of Accent Decor

Accent Decor - Wool Fabric 15cm X 16.5ft

I want to get my hands on the teal, light blue, and grey so bad. As a product I have experienced before, I have found the texture and uniqueness of this product can create something fun and whimsical to high end, high style very easily. I do prefer the wider 15cm as I can manipulate it to my liking but the smaller sizes are also great. With a great variety of color everybody can find at least one color of the wool fabric that can make them happy. Accent Decor makes this all easy to order online or you can contact them easily by phone.
Anco Lavender Mist Orchid

Photo property of Anco-pure-Vanda

Anco-pure-Vanda - Kanchana Lavender Mist

So clean and so refreshing, I love everything about Kanchana Lavender Mist. I find the small lavender square webbing to be very interesting on the bright white. After seeing the Sunanda Magic Yellow at Baudouin Roelant's show at the 2014 AIFD Symposium, I fell in love with the wonderful variety that Anco-pure-Vanda offers from vibrant oranges to deep blues, and the Kanchana Lavender Mist is the top of the list of what I want to design with.
Second up are some things I Love!

Floral Trends Forecast - Lapis Luxury

How can you not love the power of deep blue lapis and the elegance of white all combined to create this amazing trend Lapis Luxury. What I find the most interesting and love the most about Lapis Luxury is that it's all about simple design with sophisticated details. Go check out all four of the this year's floral trends from the 2015 Floral Trends Forecast and tell us what you think of them.

Flower Trends Forecast - Modern Garden

Texture, texture, texture and just a little more on the side. The combination of the soft palette with a mixture of texture creates that feeling of soft romance on a wonderful spring evening. Though there is a wide combination of containers here, the floral designs take and hold your attention. The last thing I love is the airiness of the clematis and the leaf work taking the design from just another mass of beautiful textures and flowers to a interesting floral creation. All the 2015 Flower Trends Forecast designs where created and designed by Bill Schaffer and Kristine Kratt of SCHAFFER DESIGNS‬ of Philadelphia, PA, USA, so make sure to check out them and the rest of the floral trends.

  McQueens Florist - Youtube Videos. To be taken on a floral adventure is always the most fun to some of us and the McQueens Florist youtube channel, mcqueensflowers, does just that. The videos are usually under 3 minutes and are generally something interesting the McQueen team is up to. From Mulberry fashion show decor to student experience videos, I fall in love with the high quality work, product and teamwork that they show. Go fall in love and be inspired by McQueens Florist as I did.
To round it all out are what I want to try!

Clean Foam

Photo property of Floral Soil Solutions

Floral Soil Solutions - Floral Soil

The very first thing I'm most interested to get my hands on and try out is the new toxic free, 100% plant based Floral Soil. Floral.today is all about new and innovated floral products and Floral Soil is oozing with everything floral.today loves. Once we get our claws on this awesome product we will be doing a review video and then a blog designing with it. Keep your eyes peeled and get ready to see how the floral industry responds to this new age product. Check out Floral Soil and tell us what you think about it.

 DESIGN358 - Mechanics & Techniques with Hitomi. Gilliam: MIDOLLINO SPIRAL Coming in the following weeks I will be trying out the Midollino Spiral and taking you on the ride. When you see a Midollino Spiral no matter what designer has designed with it, your mind will always go straight to the wonderful Hitomi Gilliam AIFD. With the versatility of the Midollino Spiral it's a great way to elevate any simple design or planter to a high style and higher selling creation. Check out this how-to video and then show us how you did with your own Midollino Spiral.

What are some of your wants, loves and tries for the month of October? I have a great line up coming in the next few weeks from renowned event designers to one of the most well known designers in the world! Stay tuned and keep floral.today in the loop of all your happenings in the industry.

Till Next Time,
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